Whilst most of us are still firmly in the Autumn mindset, planning for the spooky-season ahead and all the fun Halloween parties and events we’ll be attending, Lush is, as always, thinking ahead to Christmas. The full Christmas 2018 range dropped just a week or so after the Halloween range which I must admit does feel a little early!

The range this year is absolutely huge with loads of new and innovative products just crying out to be added to Christmas wish-lists. Despite all the newness I was really sad to see my old favourite, Magic of Christmas bubble bar wand knocked off the line-up. At this point in time I’ve tried quite a few of the new products but as the range is so extensive there’s still so many more baths to be had!

Here’s what I’ve picked up so far…

Cinders Shower Gel 520g £18.25

Cinders shower gel is brand new for 2018 and the stand-out product for me this year. Containing organic pumpkinseed oil, cinnamon leaf oil, nutmeg and ginger powder, this spicy yet sweet shower gel smells gorgeous; like Christmas all bottled up. I opted for the 520g bottle which is a little pricey but definitely needed as I’ll been getting through the stuff this season!


Yog Nog Yule Log Bubble Bar £5.95

Yog Nog Yule Log bubble bar is another new product for 2018. It’s quite hefty and obviously you don’t need to use it all in one go which makes it great value for money. Scent-wise Yog Nog smells like a Christmas pudding – completely edible and yummy! It contains nutmeg powder, clove bud oil, fair trade shea butter and soya yoghurt.


Santa Bomb Bomb Bath Bomb £9.95

Yet another new product for 2018, you would be forgiven for thinking that the cute Santa Claus design of this bath bomb just doesn’t justify the significant price tag. But wait- it’s actually two bath bombs cleverly stacked one on top of the other! When you think of it in those terms each bath bomb averages around £5 which is pretty standard for Lush. Plus look how cute it is?! This bath bomb contains vanilla absolute, cocoa absolute and bergamot oil – and smells, quite surprisingly, of strawberries and cream. It’s a gorgeous scent – not too over powering! There are three designs of the Bomb Bomb – the Santa one you see here plus a snowman and a princess!


Cheery Christmas Bath Bomb £3.95

Cheery Christmas (also new to 2018 – told you there were many new products this year didn’t I?) is a gorgeous medium-sized bath bomb with a pretty snowflake design. I’ve used one in the bath already and am pleased to report it leaves the water a bubblegum- bright pink colour but not before its striking blue centre is revealed. It contains Sicilian lemon oil and buchu oil and is described as being ‘fruity’ with berry notes coming through quite strongly. Although this is a new scent from Lush, it really does remind me of Snow Fairy.


Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb £4.95

Shoot For The Stars bath bomb is the only product to make this list that I have purchased and used in previous years. It’s actually one of my all-time favourite products due to it sharing that amazing honey/toffee/pudding scent that the Honey I Washed The Kids products are so coveted for. It contains fair trade organic cocoa butter, Brazilian orange oil, coconut cream and bergamot oil and turns the bath water a brilliant blue with iridescent specks of gold glitter.


Holey Night Bath Bomb £4.25

Holey Night bath bomb has a very curious design with lots of little craters on the surface to make it look like a moon. The outside belies its centre however, as this little blue moon fizzes away in the water to reveal bright pinks and purples. It contains rose absolute, soya milk powder, Sicilian lemon oil and sandalwood oil. To me this bath bomb has quite a powdery, floral scent that I’m not entirely sold on. It’s pleasant enough but I don’t think it’s very Christmassy or reflective or the season.


Puddy Holly Bubbleroon £4.95

Puddy Holly bubbleroon is a very small product, especially when you consider the price tag – but it features an absolutely adorable Christmas pudding design and smells amazing. It contains Fair Trade organic cocoa oil, almond essential oil, tonka absolute and Fair Trade shea butter – and is marzipan scented. This is definitely one of my favourite products for 2018!


The Worlds Smallest Disco Bath Bomb £5.25

The Worlds Smallest Disco bath bomb is such a fun product I’ve already used a couple – and it’s not even November yet! Designed to reflect a disco, this bath bomb leaves bath water jet black with swirls and specks of glitter whilst popping candy provides a playful additional surprise. The colourful discs that stud the bath bomb come away in the water producing splashes of colour (reminiscent of strobe lights.) It’s such a fun and effective design that I think even if I wasn’t keen on the scent I’d still purchase this bomb. Luckily it smells great – with uplifting Persian lime oil and grapefruit oil being the main ingredients (and scents!)


Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb £4.95

You may be confused to see the Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb on this list when a few bombs previous I mentioned SFTS was the only product on this list that wasn’t new to me. And technically that’s true because despite the fact I buy the Luxury Lush Pud year in and year out it’s gone through quite a dramatic change. The scent which has always been a sweet lavender (Twilight) is now fruity! I must admit when I was first found out about the scent change I was really disappointed but actually, it makes sense. With the Twilight bath bomb being readily available throughout the year it is a little pointless to have another with the same scent sold alongside it during the festive period – the only difference being the physical design of the bomb. Luxury Lush Pud now shares the Comforter scent – a delicious blackberry that seems even sweeter and more powdery in the bath bomb format. Colleagues who sniffed this (after I purchased it on a break) all said it smells like those refresher sweets and all agreed the scent was really lovely. It contains cassis absolute, bergamot oil and cypress oil.


Candy Cane Bubble Bar £3.95

The cute Candy Cane bubble bar is small but very reasonably priced at £3.95 and because of its reusable nature you’ll get at least two-three really good baths from this making it great value for money. Having tried one already,  I can confirm that it creates a lot of soft bubbles and peach-coloured water. It contains Sicilian lemon oils and bergamot oils and is described as having a ‘fruity’ scent. To me this is pretty accurate – it’s nothing really stand-out but it’s pleasant enough.


So that’s everything I’ve picked up and tried so far. As I mentioned earlier, the range this year is absolutely huge so I really couldn’t afford to buy everything in one go! I will be returning to Lush throughout the season to pick up the bits I’ve missed however!

What products from the Lush Christmas collection are you loving this year?

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  1. The Lush collection this year looks amazing and you got so many good bits! I don’t know how you managed to choose haha. My bank account is going to take quite the hit in a couple weeks! 😅

  2. The candy cane gives out all the Christmas feels.
    It is such a reasonable price it would be perfect as a stocking filler.

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