Halloween is a little over a week away and the witching hour is almost upon us. What better way to celebrate the season than with a spot of spooky shopping? For todays Blogtober I’ve compiled a short but sweet list of goodies you may want to trick or treat yo’ self to.

Jack-O-Lantern Acrylic Necklace £35 from Tatty Devine here

I absolutely love having themed jewellery in my collection; whether it’s Easter, Valentines Day or Halloween I always have a brooch or necklace to accessorise with. I’ve picked up a few new Autumnal and Halloween pieces this year (you can read the post here) but currently have my eye on this cute acrylic Jack-O-Lantern from Tatty Devine. Tatty Devine stuff is really great quality and usually pretty expensive, however I think at £35 this piece is really reasonably priced! It’s also the perfect piece to wear throughout October and to Halloween parties/gatherings/events if you want to get in to the spirit of things but aren’t necessarily the type to get dressed up and do the whole full blown costume thing.


Haunted House Biscuit Tin £35 from Biscuiteers here

Biscuiteers are well known for their absolutely delicious and amazingly iced biscuits. This haunted house tin comes complete with nine yummy designs including a pumpkin, ghost and vampire. £35 might seem a little steep for just nine biscuits however, they would make a delicious treat for a Halloween-themed afternoon tea or get together. Plus Halloween comes just once a year, so why not indulge a little?!


Neve Weirdos Slogan T-Shirt £18 from Joanie here

The Neve tee from Joanie references cult film The Craft (if you haven’t seen it I strongly recommend you go and do so now!) and is a great way to subtly display your love for the spooky season. Again, much like the Jack-O-Lantern necklace, this tee is ideal for those who want to get involved in all of the Halloween fun without the hassle getting dressed up. I’ve already purchased one of these for myself and my best friend!

NEVE-65-2-700x969  056616c9b836be28dd6e9f267f804f72

Mohair and Velvet Bat Brooch or Mini Plushie £12.50 from Northfield Primitives here

No shopping list would be complete without an entry from Etsy! This super cute mohair and velvet bat has been handmade by Northfield Primitives and is available as a brooch to wear or just as a little plushie to keep on your desk. I must admit I did buy one of these as I just couldn’t resist those cute little blushing cheeks!


Ectoplasm Shower Scream £10.95 for 260g from Lush here

Lush has an amazing Halloween range out right now so there’s never been a better time to treat yourself to some pampering products. I have an in-depth haul post here but if you want to save yourself some time the TLDR of it is this; I recommend you buy some spookily-named Ectoplasm shower scream!


Have you been Halloween shopping yet? What fun things have you been snapping up?




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  1. The Craft is one of my favourite movies! I haven’t seen it in years though; definitely time for a rewatch. I love the pumpkin necklace and the biscuits look great.

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