The weeks are really whizzing past – how are we already ten days in to November?!

You may have noticed that I gave up the Blogtober challenge at day 23. This wasn’t the easiest decision for me to have made but I did so for my own mental health (and quality of blog content.) Whilst I really did enjoy October it was not without its struggles.

Mentally, the past few months have been really tough for me. It’s not always easy to sit down and write something so positive and upbeat about your day – especially when there were bits of it that were so far removed from positive and upbeat that it almost feels like fraud to leave them out. Predominantly this blog is for me – it’s the place I come to spill out my thoughts, capture my memories and upload all my photographs (of which there are far too many.) But I’m not stupid enough to think that no one pays it any attention (because my stats show me otherwise.) And it’s because of that that I sometimes feel a pressure to keep things lighthearted and free from the drama of real life. Long story short, Blogtober flopped because I wasn’t feeling great – sorry guys!

Today I thought I’d share a few highlights from October (despite the wobbles I had) as I’m temporarily in the right headspace to do so (yay for mood swings!)

October was a month filled with colour…

How was your October?

2 Comments on October in Images

  1. How beautiful are these photos. They really capture Autumn in all its glory.
    I think you should keep things real. People are taking to WhatsApp and feeling that life should be better, as they only see the good bits of a persons life. They need to know that life has ups and downs and things can sometimes be far from perfect.
    If people are not honest about both sides of their lives a generation of young people will grow up feeling inadequate.
    Good on you for keeping it real!

  2. As a fellow blogger, I came across your blog on twitter and actually what captured me in following you was that you were honest in one of your tweets about how mentally down you felt. I found that brave. So why not write authentically and bravely? Speak about the low days. Speak about those difficult days. It’s real and it’s life. It’s what I hope my own blog offers. Love your photography however and they are uplifting in showing this gorgeous month.

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