A couple of weeks back (in November!) I turned 29.  To celebrate becoming officially old I spent a rather over-the-top week having dinner with my family, drinks with my friends and taking a mini break to Paris. If you can’t over-indulge on your birthday, when can you?

Since then I have been non-stop busy with work, Christmas lunches, Christmas parties and life in general, so I haven’t had a lot of time to dedicate to blogging. I didn’t want the year to pass without me documenting my birthday in some way though, so today I thought I’d share with you some of the gifts I received on the big day.

‘What I got for my birthday’ posts are quite divisive. Some people absolutely loathe them whilst others love a nose. I fall in to the latter category – it’s fun to see what presents people receive! I’ll be honest too, these types of posts are always super popular with ‘what I got for my birthday’ tags driving a fair amount of traffic to my blog. That said I totally understand if this post is not for you, in which case please do not read on!

I’d also like to note that I was very spoilt this year. This is not a typical reflection of how I live my life or even how I spend most birthdays! I feel very lucky to have received these gifts and to have been able to enjoy my birthday in the way I did. Moving on…

This year my mum & dad (but let’s be honest here, it’s all mum – dad has no idea what to get me!) really treated me to some beautiful things! The first of which is this absolutely gorgeous carousel fox brooch from Curious Carousel. I have wanted a brooch from this indie biz for the longest time and am absolutely head over heels with this sparkly little fox!


And as if the fox brooch wasn’t enough, my mum picked out the most amazing, most ‘me’ dress ever. This rust, spot-printed dress is from Lindy Bop which is one of my favourite clothing sites. I adore how this fits, how it sits and basically, everything about it! I’ve already worn it once (to work!) and found myself twirling the skirt around at every given opportunity! (“Hey Yasmine, nice dress!” Yasmine proceeds to twirl in it “thanks I got it for my birthday!”)


And lastly my mum picked me up a couple of little bits including cherry drops (yum!) some body mist that smells of sugared violets, unicorn magic shower gel (this smells incredible) and a sparkly gold ‘Y’ because my mum knows that I’m a magpie at heart and I love anything that glitters. I still need to find a place for the ‘Y’ but I’m thinking I might attach it to the wall to claim my stake and remind G who’s boss! (I know he’ll read this so my apologies go out to you…)

My older brother Daryl very generously gifted me another Curious Carousel brooch – this time a carousel horse! Again, I absolutely love CC and this piece is truly beautiful. I’ve already worn it out a few times and of course it receives plenty of compliments. As a little side note I am obsessed with carousels and always have been – this is one of those quirky little things that my family know about me!


My younger brother Ben gifted me this amazingly cute and super soft jumper from Next. I had been eyeing it up for awhile but as it’s nearing Christmas couldn’t warrant the spend on myself. I was so thankful to open this up! I wore this whilst in Paris and have to say it is the most comfortable jumper I own. I also love the pink and red together as clashing colours are my favourite.


G’s brother and sister in law gifted me this super cute tealight holder from Next. I adore it! I have a pet hedgehog myself and love the critters – also this is exactly the kind of thing we have in our home so it fits in brilliantly with our decor.


My colleagues rallied around to get me a cute trio of bath bombs, some sweets (there were two bags but I immediately ate one of them due to them being so good!) some Nyx eyeliner and some super-cute socks that feature Halloween pugs. I’m known for my love of Halloween at the office!


And now I’ll move on to what G got me. Again, I was very spoilt this year but am very thankful for everything I received. So the first gift I opened was my gold iPad mini.


I’m really not the kind of person who is obsessed with technology. I blog from a Mac because it’s what G has always had – but asides from that and a fairly decent camera (also bought by G) I’m not really bothered by having the latest tech gadget. However, when G suggested buying me an iPad I thought it was a good idea as I LOVE to watch Youtube videos in bed or in the bath, and I’m always killing my phone battery doing so (plus the tiny screen is annoying!) I didn’t realise how much use I would actually get from it though! In the two weeks I’ve had it I think I’ve used it just about every day. And whilst that has mostly been from Youtube, I do think it will come in handy for lots of other things too. If anyone has any suggestions of good apps to download (particularly drawing/design/list/organisational ones) please drop me a comment! G’s parents and sister also kindly put money in to help buy this, so I’m extremely thankful to them as well as Gareth.


To keep my iPad safe and scratch-free G also purchased me this gorgeous floral Cath Kidston case. I am a big fan of Cath Kidston and was very pleased to unwrap this! Pretty and practical.


As the iPad is an expensive gift (and my main one) I really didn’t expect to open much else and certainly not anything else quite as expensive. When I opened this one I must admit I did have a little cry. G bought me a custom Blythe, and not just any custom Blythe but the one I’d had my eye on for absolutely months because it is like a mini me with the gingery hair, eyeliner flicks and little dot under the eye!


If you want to know a bit of background on Blythe and see some of my collection you can read the post I wrote about it here! But for those who aren’t in the know and can’t be bothered to read back, Blythe dolls are collectors items and are not cheap. They become even more expensive when an artist or customiser has worked on them – starting roughly around £150 and reaching in to the thousands. Mine was not created by a well-known customiser so doesn’t fall in to the latter before you have a mini heart attack! However, this was an extremely generous gift and I was so thankful to receive. I have named her Minnie – and I love her so much.



So after that you’re probably thinking I definitely don’t deserve anything else and you’re absolutely right but again, I was very spoilt this year.

G also gifted me the Too Faced ‘Diamond’ highlighter which is absolutely beautiful. The packaging alone is stunning!



G knows that I am an avid reader of crime and thriller fiction so he took the plunge and picked out something for me without any advice or recommendations from me. It’s safe to say he did good with his selection, I love Lisa Gardner!


I always wear Chelsea boots but my current pair are wearing thin so G also picked me up this pair from Dorothy Perkins. I love the conker colour of them, dark brown Chelsea boots are my favourite. Again this was a complete surprise with no hint or advice from me!


Another fun gift from G was this cute pair of shoes and tights for my Blythes! Again, he picked these out all by himself!


And finally, what would a birthday be without some Lush?! G picked me up a bottle of 29 High Street when he last visited Poole with his family back in September. This is my favourite perfume from Lush but you can only buy it in the Poole store! As I was running extremely low this was a gift that I was very pleased to unwrap!


In addition to the perfume G picked me up some fun bath bombs and bubble bars to keep my Lush stash topped up.


And that was everything I got! Phew, that was a bit of a long post. Honourable mentions must go to the best birthday cards I ever received (also from G) one of which is an original 70s card purchased from a vendor we discovered on our last trip to Dorset (which you can read about here!) and one with some adorable pics of my quails on – d’awww.

I had an amazing birthday and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!

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  1. I love these kind of posts. 1. I’m nosey, 2. They give me gift ideas for my own wish list and for others. I hope you had a great birthday!

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