I absolutely love surprises, happy post and Pusheen (that adorable little internet kitty) so figured the Pusheen subscription would be perfect for me. It’s a quarterly box delivered Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter – and usually the contents are seasonally themed. Previous boxes have included such goodies as water bottles, cute plush, stationery etc – and although the box itself is quite steep ($43.95 plus shipping) the content value is worth over $100. Bargain right?

The Fall box is my very first Pusheen subscription box and I received it early November -it’s taken me quite some time to get my act together and write about it but, today I thought I’d share my thoughts on it!


The theme of this box is ‘Spa’ – something relaxing for the colder months ahead. This was the first let down of the box for me personally. Every other box has been themed to the season, whereas this one just wasn’t at all. Previous Autumn boxes have included cute Halloween goodies, sweatshirts printed with mushrooms and orange leaves etc – so this was what I was expecting to receive. Unfortunately nothing in the box was what I expected it to be. That said there are a couple of pieces that I do really love.


Printed dressing gown

I want to start this off on a bit of a positive note as unfortunately I wasn’t too impressed with the box overall. The first thing I unboxed was this super-cute, soft and cosy dressing gown. I absolutely love the fit of this and the print is adorable too. Adorned with fluffy white clouds and pusheens floating away with a paw-full of balloons, what’s not to love? I also really appreciate receiving practical pieces that I can use and, as I don’t currently possess a dressing gown this one will definitely come in handy.



Toothbrush and protector

The next thing I unboxed was this mint coloured toothbrush complete with Pusheen-shaped bristle protector. This toothbrush has been designed for travel and honestly, that’s all it’s about good for. It’s really poorly made and if you were to regularly brush your teeth with it your dental hygiene would suffer before long. I think I would probably use this for weekends away but in all honesty I would be extremely sceptical using it for anything more as it’s very basic and flimsy.



Possibly the worst thing to come out of a Pusheen box ever is this plain, pink loofah with a rubber Pusheen tag on the rope. This item was obviously extremely cheap to produce and for me, has no place in the box. I have plenty of loofahs already but will likely stash this one away in case I ever run out. I may also detach the rubber Pusheen and attach that to a keyring instead as I’m sure bath water will only damage and ruin it.


Face flannel

Next and continuing on with the ‘spa’ theme we have this small, pink face flannel printed with snoozing Pusheens. It’s practical enough for me to not complain about it, but at the same time I’m not sure how useful it will really be. I don’t dislike this item but I’m not crazy excited about it either, which is a bit unfortunate!


Pusheen squishy/stress ball

I’m not entirely sure how the Pusheen squishy fits in with the spa theme (perhaps for relaxation?) but it will certainly come in handy when tackling the stress you may face upon opening this box!


Soap dispenser 

Another odd addition to the Fall box is the Pusheen-shaped soap dispenser. This isn’t something I would personally use in my bathroom as it does not fit with the theme or decoration in there. That said it could be used for hand lotion and placed on my desk at work.


Pusheen vinyl figure

For those who don’t know, the Pusheen subscription box always comes with a cute and seasonally-themed vinyl figure. Personally I love these and was looking forward to opening this the most. The figure I received was a lazy Pusheen – a cute little thing laying on its side with one eye closed. I do¬†like this figure and will display it but compared to previous boxes it is very plain. I couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit disappointed by the simple design of it when compared to previous years Batsheen and Pusheen holding a toadstool.


Pusheen robe plush

And last but not least was my favourite thing of the box – this adorable Pusheen plush! This small plush is wearing a snuggly blue robe to match the one included in the box and the cheerful little face is just too much. I personally love cute little plushes and think this was an amazing thing to include.


Overall I wasn’t very impressed or happy with the Fall box and it didn’t seem like good value for money to me – the toothbrush and loofah in particular really let me down. In fact I was so disappointed with the box I went and cancelled my subscription. That said I did really love the dressing gown and plushie! I will be keeping my eye out for spoilers on the Winter box. Fingers crossed it’s better than the Fall one so I can become a subscriber once again!

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  1. What a shame your first subscription to pusheen ended up such a disappointment.
    I think the makers of the subscription box need to get it right next time or i think they will lose many more subscribers.

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