I can’t believe 15 days of December have passed by without one Christmas-themed blog post on Pretty Little Finch!

Believe it or not I’ve been living my very best festive life and celebrating the season with work parties, Christmas meals and much more. Today I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the festive-themed things I’m loving this month. Normally I save these ‘favourites’ type of posts til the end of the month but seeing as everything is so seasonal I thought it might be best to share them now, ahead of the big day so there’s still plenty of time to grab yourself something from this list!

Costa Gingerbread Latte for Tassimo

Seasonal drinks are a must when the weather cools, and you’ll often find me sipping on a luxury hot choc from the Costa across the road from my office or something delicious and spicy from Starbucks. At home I have a Tassimo coffee machine which was gifted to me one Christmas from G (and it really is the gift that keeps on giving!) Whilst out shopping in B&M I came across this Costa Gingerbread Latte and at a very reasonable price too (within the £2-£3 range, but I can’t remember exactly, sorry!) Anyway, this coffee is amazing! It tastes beautiful and is everything you’d want from a seasonal drink without the hefty price tag.


Reindeer Mug from Asda

And of course, your seasonal drink deserves an equally seasonal mug to drink it from – step in the cute and kitsch reindeer mug from Asda. This beauty is what dreams are made of – it’s super-fun and retro looking, plus makes for the perfect Insta-shot if, like me, you’re about snapping your festive drinks. Plus it costs just a mere £3.50 – a bargain!


Sparkly Robin Brooch from Just Dandy Jewellery

I love seasonal jewellery and every Christmas pick up a new piece or two to celebrate. This year I grabbed the beautiful glittery acrylic robin brooch from Just Dandy and it has quickly become my favourite brooch and one of my most worn pieces. Robins are my favourite bird and this brooch is just so pretty – it looks great pinned to a cosy jumper.


Gingerbread Snowflake Brooch from Nyom (Etsy)

On the theme of seasonal jewellery I also picked up this super-cute gingerbread snowflake brooch from Etsy shop Nyom (you can grab one here!) It was a complete bargain at just £5 and the shop keeper allowed me to pick my own personalised design from a selection of five. It’s such a well-made brooch and I love the unique design of it.


Avocado Cushion from Asda

Asda is one of my favourite places to shop during the month of December – not only is it filled with bargains but also it’s full of amazing festive goodies! I picked up this adorable avocado cushion for just £3.50 in the 30% off home sale! It’s adorable.


Avocado Bed Sheets from Asda

To match the super-cute avocado cushion I also picked up this Christmas bedding with a repeat avocado print. There’s nothing nicer than new, fresh sheets at Christmas time.


Retro Reindeer Bed Sheets from Asda 

I also picked up a retro reindeer set too (you can’t have enough Christmas bedding!) This set is my personal favourite as I love deers and anything retro/kitsch.


Christmas Sonny Angels from Didi Inspired

Every year without fail I pick up a set of Christmas Sonny Angels. This year was obviously no exception. I just love how cute they are and how effortlessly festive they make my book shelves appear. The set this year consists of an adorable reindeer, a bell, Santa and an angel plus two colour variants (and a little Robby.) I got mine from Didi Inspired – you can grab a set for yourself here!


Lush Cosmetics Community Favourites – Marshmallow World Bath Bomb

Of course Lush has to grace this list! This month I’m loving all of the special community favourites that have been released – even if I haven’t been able to afford to try them all! G kindly picked me up a Marshmallow World bath bomb which looks (and smells) absolutely beautiful.  It’s scented with American Cream. For those of you who aren’t familiar with that scent family it’s a gorgeously sweet strawberry scent with a floral hint.


Asda Christmas Tree Crumpets

And last but not least I’m loving the Christmas tree crumpets from Asda! Who doesn’t love a good novelty shaped snack?!


So that’s everything I’m loving right now! What festive things are you enjoying?

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