This year we decided we wanted to join in on the trend of wreath-making. After a quick search online G came across a workshop that was being held in a craft shop in town. At just £30 per person the workshop was considerably less than what’s typical for London, and with the practicality of the location – we were sold.

Beautiful Swagger is a craft shop in St Neots that sells everything from printed fabrics, to buttons, threads and everything in between. There’s also a space at the rear of the shop where crafty classes are held, and it was here, sat at a scrubbed wooden table, that we made our wreaths.

Claire was our wreath-making guide and she was lovely – so friendly and informative. Sometimes I can feel a bit nervous at the prospect of meeting new people, but she instantly made me feel at ease. Christmas music tinkled in the background and mince pies were promptly served. G and I brought along a bottle of white wine and some plastic cups, but tea was at the ready for anyone who wanted it. Our group was small – nine people in total. For me this was perfect, a small group of friendly faces. Claire was easily able to spend time with us all, going over any bits we were unsure of.

To start we were given wire frames which would serve as the base for our wreath. We then packed these out with damp, earthy-scented moss. The moss was used to keep the wreath fresher for longer, and was kept in place by gardeners wire.


Next we built up our wreaths using a selection of fir, fern and laurel. I decided to go with fern for my wreath and attempted the ‘spray’ method that Claire talked us through, angling my bunches of fern to create a voluminous and rustic (read: wild) wreath.


G also used fern but unlike me opted to create something neater and more compact. To achieve this he pinned his fern in place by wrapping gardeners wire around it.


Getting the fern in place was time consuming yet our hyper-focus on the task at hand meant the hours flew by. When our wreaths were starting to resemble something festive, it was time to adorn them with decoration.


Decorating the wreath was my most favourite part. The table was piled high with whole dried oranges, dried orange slices, pinecones, fragrant sticks of cinnamon and sparkly ribbons. At this point the room was filled with the most gorgeous Christmassy smell.


For my wreath I decided to keep things simple; just a few strategically placed pinecones, a bundle of cinnamon sticks and some orange slices. Claire tied a beautiful red bow for me (I have never been able to tie a bow!) and I adorned the wreath with it for a pretty finishing touch.


Keeping with his neat and polished theme, G finished his wreath up with symmetrical orange slices, bundles of cinnamon sticks and an impressive orange and pinecone feature at the bottom. He also tied a bow at the top of his wreath.


We were both very happy and impressed with how our wreaths turned out! Despite everyone in the workshop using the same materials, all of the wreaths were unique and beautiful in their own way. I was particularly fond of a heart-shaped wreath that another woman created – such a fun idea! All in all we had a wonderful evening at Beautiful Swagger and left feeling very festive. A huge thanks to Claire who really made the event come to life for us.

Have you tried a wreath-making workshop or had a go at making your own this year? I’d love to hear about your experience!

For this post I have edited all of the photos on Lightroom and created my own preset. This is something a little different for me so I’d love to hear your thoughts on the photography – do you like the photos being edited in a more creative way? Or should I stick to as technically correct as possible? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. This sounds like a lot of fun and your wreaths were both really good. I can only image how amazing that room smelled! I’d love to go to a wreath making class one year. 😊

  2. This looks like such a cool thing to do. I think it would be really nice to put your own christmas wreath on the door, rather than buying a standard shop bought one.

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