It’s Christmas eve and G and I are celebrating our Christmas together as we do every year. As I type this a roast cooks in the oven, the gifts have been exchanged and opened and after a fun-filled afternoon an evening of travel back to our respective parents awaits.

G and I always celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve. It makes sense – on the big day we are both at our parents houses and, as they live in the opposite direction from each other, it means that we don’t get to spend the actual day together.

So instead, we open gifts on Christmas eve, eat a huge roast dinner, indulge in cake and whack Christmas films on the telly. Pretty much your average Christmas day, just a little earlier!

As has become a little tradition of sorts, I thought I would share the wonderful gifts G bought me this year. I know I am very lucky, and I am very, very grateful. We did a set a budget this year but as we always do – we went over it.

As always, if this isn’t the kind of thing you like to read, please look away now! I know I love to read these types of posts – if you have one of your own please feel free to whack it in the comments below as I would love to give it a read! Moving on…

Pusheen fuzzy slipper socks

What’s Christmas without a pair of fuzzy slipper socks?! These ones feature Pusheen in a cappuccino cup – catpusheeno, and are super-soft, cosy and cute. I’ve already put them on and they are keeping my feet nice and toasty.


Caught book by Harlan Coben

I love getting stuck in to a good thriller or crime fiction book – G picked me up ‘Caught’ which sounds very intriguing. Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze some reading in over the holidays as my TBR pile ever grows!


Metallic pink/rose gold midi-skirt

I pointed this skirt out to G a few weeks back because of how striking and pretty it is. Unbeknown to me he popped back to pick it up – and I’m in love! It’s a gorgeous pink/rose gold colour with a subtle sparkly finish. I think this will be great during the festive season but also when Spring rolls around too.


Too Faced Gingerbread eye shadow palette

I have been wanting the Too Faced Gingerbread palette for awhile now – the packaging is just so amazing and the shades are absolutely stunning. I love eye shadow and playing around with makeup looks but up until recently have kind of reserved eye shadow for the weekend (too lazy to put it on through the week!) I say up until recently because I’ve now made ‘eye shadow Fridays’ a thing – it’s good to make an effort! Anyway, G phoned up a load of stores but this palette sold out very quickly. Luckily he found one when we visited a Sephora in Paris! My favourite shades are Warm and Toasty, Gingerbread, Hot Toddy and Spice is Nice – but they all look beautiful!



Cath Kidston bird print purse

I have been in desperate need of a new purse for some time now, my previous having literally fallen to pieces – so I was very happy (and impressed) when I opened up this gorgeous bird-printed purse from Cath Kidston. I absolutely adore Cath Kidston and this is a practical gift that I will get a lot of use out of. Plus G picked it out all by himself with no hints or tips from me whatsoever!


Lush Snow Fairy body spray 

What’s Christmas without some Lush?! I have a couple bottles of the Snow Fairy spray in my collection however it is very limited edition – so I had planned on popping in to store on Boxing Day to pick up a couple more. G got me this special pink label bottle to bolster my collection and I couldn’t be happier – Snow Fairy really is the scent of Christmas if you ask me.


Lush American Cream perfume

On the theme of Lush G also bought me one of the Community Favourites perfumes – American Cream! This perfume smells gorgeous; it’s a fruity scent with a hint of floral – quite unusual but very, very nice. The American Cream scent family is one of my favourites so I’m really pleased to have this perfume in my collection.


Tatty Devine avocado necklace

There’s nothing nicer than opening a beautifully wrapped gift to discover a Tatty Devine box! This was a complete surprise as I hadn’t asked G for any Tatty and I didn’t realise he’d been to the London store! The necklace he picked out for me is perfect – a super-fun avocado design! (bonus points for the gold chain.) My Tatty collection is slowly but surely starting to grow now and I’m loving it. The pieces are always so well made and a joy to wear.


Kimchi and Coconut narwhal brooch

Another fun piece of acrylic jewellery G picked up for me was this beautiful narwhal brooch from Kimchi and Coconut. I just adore Kimchi and Coconut and have built up quite the collection in the past few months. I really love narwhals as I find them so fascinating and with its sparkly gold tooth this brooch is perfect. The more I look at it the more I love it. I can’t wait to wear it!


Barbour Beadnell classic waxed jacket

And last but certainly not least, is this classic waxed jacket from Barbour which is my main present this year. I love Barbour and have wanted a nice jacket from the brand for ages. I went in store with G to try this on and pick it up – and it has been a struggle having to wait for it! Barbour jackets are such good quality so I know that this will last me for years to come.



So that’s everything G bought me this year. I feel extremely lucky and thankful – and am having a wonderful day celebrating the season!

I’ve yet to decide if I will post another ‘What I Got…’ including gifts from my family. We will see! If this is something you’d be interested in reading please let me know in the comments below! In the meantime I hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas spent with their loved ones.


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  1. Oh wow, you got some amazing gifts. I simply adore that jacket 😍 and the avocado necklace is very cute. I hope you have a good Christmas…
    Yes, please do another ‘What I got post’, but maybe another post in between for those that don’t like them?

  2. That skirt looks really pretty and the gingerbread palette looks amazing! Those colours are stunning. 😍 Yay! Glad you got the Snow Fairy with the pink label. 😊 I think you should do another ‘what I got for Christmas’ post for your family gifts, I love reading these types of posts. Hope you have a great Christmas Day tomorrow too! X

  3. What a great idea to celebrate your Christmas together on Christmas Eve! That’s so smart. Love your Christmas haul! The fuzzy slipper socks look so comfy!

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