I can hardly believe that Christmas has been and gone and the New Year is just around the corner! As always my family completely spoilt me and I enjoyed spending time with them, relaxing and eating (lots of) good food! The season wasn’t without sadness though and I did struggle quite a bit – that’s for another day though, today I want to share something positive and fun with you – my annual what I got for Christmas haul post!

My family really spoilt me this year, as they do every year – Christmas is a big event in our household and everything is done with a lot of love and care. We’ve never been the kind of family who go on extravagant holidays or have fancy possessions in the home – so Christmas is an occasion we try to treat each other. I couldn’t fit every wonderful gift I received in to this post (not even my wonderful after dinner gifts!) so Mumchelle if you’re reading this – I truly do love everything but there just isn’t the room to post them all!

My apologies to those that are not a fan of these types of posts – I was going to pop one in between this and my What My Partner Got Me For Christmas 2018 post – however I’ve really not had the time! Please keep your eyes peeled for my annual Lush boxing day/Christmas haul though as that will be coming soon! Without further ado…

Pusheen stuff

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love Pusheen! My mum knows this so of course she picked me up ALL the cute Pusheen stuff this year.  I believe the sets were from Primark (who doesn’t love a good Primark collab!) I’m looking forward to getting use out of everything.


She also picked me up some Pusheen pjs and socks! Again both things that I will get a lot of use out of.


Perhaps the cutest Pusheen gift (oh, who am I kidding – this is definitely the cutest Pusheen gift!) is this amazing Pusheenicorn plush from Claires. My mum got me two plushes – this one and a cute pink Pusheeen eating a cookie sandwich. Unfortunately the pink Pusheen was damaged so we had to take it back. I’m just waiting for it to come back in to stock so I can re-buy it with the gift card!


Pyjamas, socks and slippers

Every year I’m gifted loads of new PJs which is perfect – I pretty much live in PJs! This year my mum bought me a snuggly moon and stars set complete with eye mask and fuzzy socks whilst my Aunty A opted for a pair with an adorable Frenchie print. My Aunty S gifted me a fun pair of Unicorn PJs – I will definitely be channelling my inner unicorn with these.

On the theme of cosy things my mum also bought me a big fleecey blanket with deers on – but unfortunately it was in the wash at the time of these photos being taken! It’s super snuggly though – I love a good blanket!


From Primark my mum grabbed me these super-cute strawberry slippers. They’re a tad impractical but I’ve had my eye on them for ages because they are adorable.


I also got given a huge amount of socks! Narwhals, Gudetama, hearts – my mother certainly knows me well! My Aunt S gifted me the cosy shoe liners – they have the most fun pom poms at the back!


Lush and cosmetics

Christmas isn’t Christmas without some Lush. This year I was completely overwhelmed by the generosity of G’s family. His parents gifted me one of the Christmas Candy boxes and the amazing Calacas body spray (which smells like a dream) whilst his Sister and her family gifted me the other Lush box! My Aunt a gifted me the Simple toner, moisturiser and moisturising wash set which literally saved my life over the few days I spent at my mums – Simple skincare really is great!

Both of my brothers and mum also bought me Lush giftcards to spend in the Boxing day sale – it’s the only time of the year Lush has a sale and my family knows how much I enjoy grabbing a bargain in it every year. I was very thankful to receive three giftcards equaling a generous amount.



I knew I was getting the Chocolate Vault this year because I helped my mum pick it out! It’s a huuuuge box filled with I heart Revolution chocolate palettes – and it is so, so amazing! I have had these palettes in the past and I know it’s controversial but I quite often prefer them to my Naked ones – the colour selection is just so spot on. I’m thinking of writing a post on this set so if you’d like to see what’s inside just let me know!

Also on the makeup front was this selection of gifts and palettes from Super Dry, Soap and Glory and Missguided. The Perfect Ten palette I’ve had before and loved – this seems to have different shades in but I might have to compare the two to confirm that suspicion .



Both mum and I love a good crime/thriller book – this year she picked me up two of her favourite recent reads – Her Name Was Rose and Your Closest Friend. My TBR pile is now pretty substantial but that makes me happy – I’m definitely going to make more of an effort to read in the new year! The Just Chill notebook is from Aunt S – it’s definitely advice I need to take! I love notebooks and will probably be using this one to keep track of some goals.


The RSPB handbook is a nod to my love of birds. Both my parents signed the inner cover for me – if you want to know why that means something to me, you should check out a post I wrote awhile back – The Lost Art Of Writing In Books .


Gold glitter Doc Martens

My main present this year was this pair of gold glitter DMs with ribbon laces. I have wanted these for the longest time and could not believe it when I opened them. Never in a million years would I have thought my parents would get me these! I just love them so much and know they are going to look great paired with a dress. I received my first pair of DMs for Christmas when I was 18 – that means I’ve been rocking these guys for around 11 years!


Skinny Dip fried egg bag and matching keyring

I love Skinny Dip for fun accessories – when I saw this faux fur fried egg bag back in the Summer I just about lost my mind over it. I remember how sad I felt at the time not being able to afford it. Little did I know my mum returned without me and bought both the bag and keyring – and kept it a secret for all the months in between! I absolutely love egg-themed things and this bag is such a fun piece. I know I’m going to get a lot of wear out of it in the Spring and Summer.


Fairy Lights

I have a lot of fairy lights in my home (but you can never have enough, let’s be honest!) I spotted this set with my mum whilst shopping in Primark once – and she obviously went back to purchase them! I think they’re really pretty and will be a great replacement for the white flower ones I currently have wrapped around my bed frame (and have had for about 6/7 years!) They also look great for use in flat-lays.



I am constantly burning candles in the home so was pleased to receive so many candle goodies this year. The selection box of Yankee wax melts was kindly gifted to me from G’s Sister and family whilst the Yankee Candle gift set and Chupa Chups Cherry tea lights were from my mum.



I received lots of little, fun things this year including stationary, mugs and even some personalised goodies! I almost never find anything with my name on it so was very happy to receive the ‘Yasmine’ Nutella from my mum and the ‘Yasmine’ Love Hearts from G’s sister and family.


Factory/Fake Blythe

I didn’t ask for much this year but one thing that was on my list was this factory/fake Blythe that I found on eBay. As a bit of background, fake Blythes are absolutely fabulous and 9 times out of 10 the quality of them is really great. The two main differences (in my opinion) are that real Blythes come with a nice box and clothing – and cost in the region of £120 upwards – and fakes come without a presentation box and no clothing/accessories – but cost around £40 quid upwards. I have a lot of real Blythes in my collection but just thought this girl was so pretty. I plan to cut her hair and give her a short fringe. Originally I wanted to customise her but just looking at her face I can’t – she’s too nice!


Mugs and cinema voucher

From G’s brother and his family G and I received a joint gift of these super-cute bird mugs with sachets of hot chocolate and a voucher for the cinema complete with popcorn and drinks! I can’t wait to use the voucher to see the new Will Ferrel film!


Fox soft toy

Last but not least is this adorable corduroy fox toy. This little cutie is going to live on the sofa among our wildlife cushions!


So that’s (almost) everything I received this year. Or at least a very good highlight of it! I was throughly spoiled and again, so grateful to receive everything I did.

Please feel free to link me to your Christmas posts so I can have a good old nose!


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  1. Those strawberry slippers are adorable and I can’t believe how much Pusheen stuff you got! It’s all so cute haha. Those Doc Marten boots look amazing too. 😊 Hope you had a great Christmas Day. Xx

  2. Aw, those strawberry slippers are adorable! 😍 Impracticable, maybe, I’d be worried about tripping over in them lol. But still so cute. You’ve received some wonderful gifts this year, besides the slippers, I love the Lush products.

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