If you know me you’ll know I spend all year eagerly anticipating the one sale that Lush holds each and every Boxing day. It has become a tradition of sorts now for my family and I to get up super early, catch the bus to Lakeside and queue for about an hour or so just so I can get my hands on all the amazing reduced Lush. Maybe it sounds a bit sad, but when Lush only hold one sale a year it makes sense for me to be there for it and save some cash in the process. My brother and I even talked tactics over the cold tea on Christmas day this year – that’s how big of an event it is for me! This year I had a list of wants and, although I didn’t quite get everything on that list I think I did rather well! Today I thought I’d share my Boxing day scores as well as some of the Lush I was gifted this year!


Christmas gifts

Snow Fairy body spray

If you read my What My Partner Got Me For Christmas 2018 and What I got for Christmas 2018 posts this year you’ll have already seen some of the amazing Lush goodies I was gifted. This Snow Fairy body spray was from G and it smells amazing. The Snow Fairy scent is the epitome of Christmas to me – probably because I have been buying the shower gel version of it each and every Christmas for years now. It’s a very sweet scent, reminiscent of candy floss and bubble gum.


Calacas body spray

I was beyond grateful to receive the Calacas body spray from G’s parents this year. This was released as an online exclusive as part of the Community Favourites. Calacas is one of my all time favourite scents from Lush and the body spray is very true to that scent. It’s quite lime-heavy but to me it smells like a bag of crushed sweets, it’s amazing.


Christmas Candy Box x 2

Both G’s parents, sister and her family gifted me Christmas Candy Boxes – and I was very happy to wind up with duplicates of this box. This is a great gift set that contains that all-essential Snow Fairy shower gel, Candy Cane bubble bar, Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb and Butterbear bath bomb. It’s a very sweet-smelling box which is ideal for me as I tend to favour those fruity/sweet scents.





Boxing Day Lush

Snow Fairy shower gel x 2 500g

This year I was extremely lucky to receive money from my nan and three Lush gift cards from both of my brothers and my mum – this meant that I was able to get this huge array of goodies without dipping in to my extremely skinny bank account!

I wasn’t able to grab any Snow Fairy in the actual Boxing Day sale but some days later my mum returned to Lush and, using some of my Christmas money picked up two of the 500g bottles for me. This will definitely see me through the year!


Cinders shower gel 520g

Cinders was hands down one of my favourite products this year so I just had to grab another large bottle to add to my stash. This shower gel contains pumpkin seed oil and aloe – and it smells like the most Christmassy thing ever! It’s spicy but sweet – quite hard to describe but it’s beautiful for cold Autumn/Winter evenings.


Star Gazer gift set

The Star Gazer gift set was one of the three things on my wishlist this year because it contains a lot of all-year round products that I really like as well as some festive faves. Contents wise I feel it’s quite similar to the Man on the Moon tin I was gifted last year (you can read last years post here!) It contains Twilight bath bomb, Sleepy body lotion and shower gel, Shoot For The Stars bath bomb, Holey Night bath bomb, Rocket Science bath bomb, Milky Bath bubble bar and Deep Sleep shower jelly. Strangely enough I have never tried the Milky Bath or Deep Sleep products…so it will be interesting to give them a go! Just as a side note, the tin doubles up a projector if you put a torch or camera light in once it is empty.



Stardust gift set

Stardust wasn’t originally on my wishlist – despite Snow Fairy being one of my favourite Lush scents and this being a very Snow Fairy-heavy set. I am so glad I grabbed it though as it’s full of the most wonderful things. Magic Wand bubble bar which I always love, Snow Fairy shower gel, Snow Fairy sparkle jar, Cheery Christmas bath bomb, Shooting Star soap and Starlight bath melt. Again, the latter two products are things I haven’t tried before so that’s always exciting!




It’s Christmas Deer tin gift set

Another gift set on my wishlist was the It’s Christmas Deer tin. First of all – just look at that tin, it’s absolutely beautiful. It also contains my new favourite shower gel – Cinders and of course, an old favourite – Shoot For The Stars bath bomb. Other products include Once Upon A Time body lotion which I’ve yet to try, Bucks Fizz body conditioner, Puddy Holly bubbleroon, Perle De Sel bath bomb, Candy Cane bubble bar and The North Polar Bear soap. I’m not too big on soaps due to my absolutely massive and seemingly never-ending stash of them however I think the combination of bubble bars, bath bombs and body conditioners is great – I love a gift set with a good variation of products.



So that’s everything I picked up this year! Here is everything below, unboxed and grouped together. Looking at it all like this it seems rather a lot! The bath bombs and bubble bars won’t last me too long though, I get through them at an alarming rate. The shower gels will definitely see me through to next Christmas however!


Did you brave the Lush Boxing day sales this year? If so, what did you pick up? As always, please feel free to link me to your hauls or gift posts in the comments below!

Before you leave – I have just created a Lush-only Instagram sharing photos of my bath art, hauls and products. If you’re a Lushie like me and this is something that would interest you, please feel free to pop by and give me a follow! For the time being I am only following Lush accounts on this page – @thesnowfairy – come and say hi!

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  1. Wow, I’m in awe at your Lush haul! 💗💗💗 I had no luck at the Lush Boxing Day sale, they only had three products left. No boxes. No Snow Fairy. But I do have a very small store near me so it’s understandable. That Star Gazer gift set sounds perfect for me – I love the sleepy and Twilight scents.

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