It’s that time once more; a new year is upon us, a fresh start, a blank slate and the potential to do, to be and become anything we wish.

Some people think it’s cliche’ to set goals and resolutions for the new year but personally I find it gives me a sense of purpose – something to focus on and strive toward. If you’ve been following my blog for awhile now you’ll know these resolution and reflection posts come each and every year. For those who are new, you can catch up (herehere and here!)  Today I thought I would reflect on the year that has been and share some resolutions, goals and hopes for 2019.

2018 has been a quiet sort of year in the sense that it feels as if I haven’t done as much as previous years. It was tougher to have days out and go exploring as every other weekend I spent at my parents house due to my dads ongoing illness. That said I have had a few highlights this year.


Building the aviary at the start of the year was wonderful and a real highlight of 2018 for me (see A Tour of Our Garden Aviary) I have always wanted an aviary of my own and finally being able to build one and realise that dream was a total joy. It obviously hasn’t come without its stresses (which I won’t elaborate on too much here) but overall the aviary has been so great to keep and I’ve really enjoyed watching my birds thrive in there. We have even had babies since the birds moved in!

At the beginning of the year we also went to see the Motown musical which has been on my bucket list for ages. It was so amazing to hear the songs I had loved listening to as I grew up being performed on a stage. I also entered the year by buying my first ever car – a Ford KA!

In Springtime my family and I visited Barleylands to celebrate Easter and see all the cute lambs.

2018 was also the year we had a go at hatching and raising our own button quail chicks which was a lot of fun! You can read about that journey here!

Other highlights this year include our wonderful annual trip down to Dorset which I blogged about here, and two trips to Paris – one in the Springtime (Springtime In Paris) and one in the Autumn to celebrate my 29th birthday.

Over the Summer I largely took a break from blogging as I needed some time to focus on my life and my happiness. I wrote a post about everything I got up to though (My Summer: The Instagram Edit) in which I shared some photos I had taken on my phone – something a bit new for PLF. Over the Summer I was pleased to take part in a Race for Life Pretty Muddy event with my mum to raise money for CR, celebrate my nan’s birthday on the beach with all my family, take a trip down to Brighton with my family, visit Hunstanton, Cambridge and take lots of mini days out in between.

When Summer faded in to Autumn I really made the most of my time. We took a trip to a new pumpkin patch (Picking Pumpkins at the Undley Pumpkin Patch 2018 ), finally  visited the British Wildlife Centre again (Visiting The British Wildlife Centre), celebrated Halloween with my family, took all of the Autumn walks and even puppy-sat my cousins puppy Sandy! (My Neighbourhood In Autumn- A Photo Diary)

And then of course, before I knew it was Christmas! Taking part in a wreath making workshop was a real highlight for me – and something I’d definitely like to take part in again next year! (Fresh Wreath Making Workshop at Beautiful Swagger)

So, now I’ve looked back at the year that has been – it’s time to talk resolutions and goals!

Resolutions and goals

Last year my resolutions were as follows:

  1. Pass my practical test.
  2. Make more happy memories with my family. 
  3. Think about (and possibly relaunch) my business.
  4. Exercise more and eat better.
  5. Spend time in my garden. 

Out of those five I finally passed my practical driving test which has been a biggie for me for many years! (Whoop, go me!) I did make more happy memories with my family (although maybe not as many as 2017) I did eat better on the Slimming World plan and even lost around a stone and a half in weight! Finally I spent a lot more time in my garden. This year I planted lots of pretty flowers, helped to build an aviary out there and spent most of my Summer eating BBQ’d food. Even on WFH days I was out there, laptop on a blanket and quails scratching in the grass to keep me company.

The one and a half goals I didn’t really complete were exercising more – even though I did go through a period of running which was good – I focussed more on my diet. Which I  think was right for me at the time. I also didn’t think about or relaunch my business. Eek. The year just seemed to whizz by and I was unfortunately able to dedicate any time to it.

So this year my resolutions and goals are as follows:

  1.  Make more time for my friends and get better at texting back. Life is so busy that I barely make time to see any of my friends anymore. This year I want to change that and spend more time with them, as well as becoming better at texting back because currently I’m horrible at that.
  2. Monthly goals. At the beginning of each month I want to set myself some mini goals and write about them on my blog. When you write down what you want to achieve and regularly reflect back on that you become more accountable. I definitely want to do more with my year this year.
  3.  Read 25 books. I set a reading challenge for myself this year on Goodreads – but I didn’t take it very seriously and I failed it. I think it’s really important to read though so I’m going to make more of an effort to get offline and spend more time with my nose in a book.
  4. Re-start Slimming World. I lost a lot of weight on SW last year and without compromising my health and happiness. I really enjoyed it but stopped around my birthday because of all the off-plan days I was having. I want to re-start in February as I plan to take part in Veganuary this year and think it will be a bit difficult trying to plan meals around the two things.
  5. Start some kind of exercise regime and stick to it. This one is really important to me. It can be quite hard to fit in exercise whilst I work full-time and have limited amount of time to myself. But this year I really want to try. I know exercise is a cliche thing to put on a resolutions list but it’s something I really want to do. I think I will start out small and reassess what exercise I’m doing in my monthly goals posts – it might even be fun to focus on different types of exercise each month. We’ll see.
  6. Take my vitamins.
  7. Go for more walks. I love getting outside in the great outdoors but sometimes it feels as if I just don’t have the time. This year I need to make more time.
  8.  The one that’s for me. And finally my last resolution / goal is something that’s personal to me. I may talk about it in blog posts to come, we’ll see. For now it’s just here as a little reminder for myself.

So that’s everything! I have quite a lot to work on but nothing is really ‘big’ in the way that ‘learning to drive a car’ was. As I say, I’m going to set monthly goals and keep checking in on myself. I think my overarching theme this year is self-improvement health wise and happiness.

Have you set any goals for the new year? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

Happy New Year guys!

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  1. Those are great, achievable goals to set yourself this year. I’ve never tried Slimming World but joined back at Weight Watchers (now re-branded as WW) just before Christmas. I love the look of your aviary, what a great idea and fit for your garden. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts over the last year and look forward to reading more in 2019.

    • Thank you! I hope they will be, let’s see! And thanks for reading – it is greatly appreciated!

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