It’s that time of year again – the Lush Valentines Day 2019 range has dropped – and it’s full of cheeky surprises!

Those that have been following my blog for awhile will know that the Valentines day range is something I look forward to all year round – I consider it to be a real highlight of the Lush calendar. For those who’d like to take a look back at previous hauls, you can check out: Lush Cosmetics Valentines Day 2018 Haul and Lush Valentines 2017 Haul Vlog

I just want to preface this with a note on the shower gels. This year Lush released two (yay!) and they are amazing. American Cream and Avocado Wash are hands down some of my favourites. But I haven’t picked any up yet, because I still have some left over from a Kitchen exclusives haul! If you’d like to read about the scents you can check out a post I wrote on them here – Lush Kitchen Shower Gel Exclusives Haul

I will of course be going back to stock up on these when payday swings around! So, let’s get in to the haul…

First thoughts

The range this year is incredible – two shower gels (and they’re not naked!) is a thing of joy. I was also glad to see some of my favourites return (looking at you unicorn horn and love boat!) and think I have already discovered some new favourites too. I was however, really sad at the lack of Rose bombshell as this bath bomb feels very romantic to me and is a staple year in, year out. This years range is definitely not as cutesy or romantic as previous years which I do feel is a little bit of a shame as I love that whole pink/red cheesey heart aesthetic. That said, this range is definitely fun and the designs of some of the products make me laugh. I think it will be well-received by the general public which is of course, always a good thing. Here’s what I picked up…

Love Boat bath bomb £4.50

After making its debut appearance last year, Love Boat bath bomb is back again for 2019. It contains Sicilian lemon oil, organic sweet orange oil and rose oil and from that list of ingredients you’d be forgiven for presuming it has a floral scent. In actual fact it could not be further from it. Love Boat has a very strong, sweet smell – I can only liken it to Refresher/fizzy sweets – it’s so beautiful. In the tub it leaves a little trail of red confetti hearts which, let’s face it, is just adorable. This year the design has been tweaked a little to enhance the scent and make the heart shape at the tip of the boat more defined. I can’t personally notice any difference but the inventor says that’s the case so if you notice any difference this year – that will be why, it’s deliberate.


Unicorn Horn bubble bar £4.50

The Unicorn Horn bubble bar is a thing of Lush legend – it returns each and every year around the romantic season and if it didn’t, well we’d all probably lose it. The Unicorn Horn is actually one of my all-time favourite Lush products and with its sweet lavender scent and pastel design it’s not hard to see why. Containing lavender oil, neroli oil and ylang ylang oil this bubble bar definitely does have a floral scent – it’s not too dissimilar to the Twilight/Sleepy range but it is perhaps not as sweet. It also produces mounds of soft, fluffy bubbles – if you pick up just one thing from the range this year, let it be the Unicorn Horn.


Peachy bath bomb £3.95

The ever-so cheeky Peachy bath bomb is new to 2019 and has already caused quite a stir, no doubt due to its likeness of that peach emoji we all know and love. I have to say, I absolutely love the design of this one – the dusting of lustre lends it a pretty (and instagrammable) finish and it’s quite sizeable too which makes it great value for money considering it’s under £4! I can’t recall Lush ever releasing anything with a peach scent (but I may be wrong so don’t hold me to that) but this one smells really peachy, really fruity and really sweet. It contains fresh peach juice, grapefruit and davana oil.


Aubergine bath bomb £3.95

Of course you can’t have a peach bath bomb without an aubergine one to accompany it. The Aubergine bath bomb is pretty hilarious to look at and has caused a slew of even more hilarious articles to pop up all over the internet. (This one in particular from the Metro has caused Lushies everywhere high amusement.) Jokes aside, the Aubergine bath bomb is also great value for money sitting at the same price range as Peachy and being of considerable…erm…size. It contains bergamot, aubergine (yes really) and tonka absolute. Scent wise it’s very sweet with the tonka making itself known, another fantastic new product for 2019 that’s well worth the splurge.


Six bubble bar £5.50

For aesthetic purposes I probably should have picked up another Six bubble bar (it comes in three colour-ways) but it being January I picked up just one (you can use your imagination). Another new product for 2019, the Six bubble bar features the same yummy, warm pudding scent as Yog Nog which makes it an instant hit with me, and every other Lushie out there. It contains clove bud oil and ylang ylang oil which probably won’t give you an accurate idea of how this product smells. Just think of Christmas pudding and you’re on the right path.


Open Your Heart bubble bra £4.95

Yet another new product for 2019, the aesthetically pleasing, gold-shimmering bubble bra is sure to delight both seasoned Lushies and those that just drop in for a browse every now and again. It features the Golden Pear scent that we all know and love – a gorgeously sweet, pear-drop smell that seems to make your mouth water. Open Your Heart contains cardamom oil, fair trade organic cocoa butter, Brazilian orange oil and sandalwood oil – but trust me, it just smells of pears. Some people may be a little disappointed at the lack of “new” scents running through this range but personally I’m quite glad to see old favourites repurposed for the season ahead and I will definitely be picking up more bubble bras.


Love Token bubble bar £4.95

Love Token bubble bar makes its debut in 2019 and what a fun little product it is. Shaped like a gold coin and dusted with shimmering, gold lustre it certainly stands out from the crowd. It’s also a pretty decent size considering its modest price tag and the fact you can get about three uses out of it. It has a warming scent with an ever so slightly woody note, and is on the whole not too dissimilar to ginger biscuits. It contains ginger oil, pine needle absolute, clove bud oil and guaiacwood oil.


The Big Banana massage bar £5.95

Another fun new product for 2019 is the Big Banana massage bar. Massage bars are one of my favourite products from Lush – they always leave my skin feeling luxuriously soft and well-moisturised plus the scent pay-off is insane. So before I’d even smelt the Big Banana massage bar I knew I had to have it! The design is simple yet effective and exactly what you would expect from a name like ‘Big Banana’. True to its name this massage bar also has a delicious banana scent – something which I really did not expect from Lush! I personally cannot recall any banana-scented product (in terms of bath bomb, bubble bar or massage bar), but absolutely love banana scented things – so for me this is a stand-out product! It contains fresh organic fair trade banana, fair trade organic cocoa butter, ylang ylang oil and clove bud oil. I have already used this one a fair amount and it leaves my skin feeling so soft and nourished.


Love Island body scrub £3.50

Love Island body scrub was a product I was actually okay with leaving out of my shopping basket – it’s pretty small and I’ve been advised that’s it best for just one use. Luckily for me I get to try it out because the lovely sales assistant popped one in my bag as a RAOK – and who doesn’t love a freebie?! It contains lemongrass oil, aloe vera extract, jasmine absolute and granulated sugar/fine sea salt. To me it smells quite citrussy and fresh. This is definitely the kind of product that you’d grab during the summer or on holiday – again this is new for 2019 but I have a feeling it might stick around for the warmer weather.


So that’s everything I’ve picked up this year (so far!)

Have you tried any of the Valentines Day range yet? Do you have any favourites? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Great haul. 🙂 I always enjoy seeing your Lush posts! I haven’t been too impressed with their Valentine’s Day range to be honest – I only picked up the Love Boat bath bomb this year.

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