Dear Dad,

It’s been a week since you had to leave us.

I’m listening to Motown music and I’m thinking of you.

I can hardly believe that you are gone. I would give anything for that last cup of tea, that last slice of fruit cake. Dog walk. Argument over politics and the news.

It’s the little things I’ll miss the most.

Like how you cried with laughter when we watched Phoenix Nights, even though we had seen every episode hundreds of times and knew the words off by heart. Like how happy the Christmas tree lights made you. The never-ending pile of books on your side table. The sound of your moped pulling in. Like how you always got your way, even at the very end.

I’m listening to Motown music and I’m thinking of you.

I’m thinking about the things that you loved. The CDs you used to play. Diana Ross and the Supremes, Four Tops. 70s disco music that made us all happy and dance. I’m thinking about the “pet” frogs and slow worms you used to bring home to me as gifts. The animals you always seemed to be rescuing. The kittens in the burnt-out car. The pigeon with the broken wing. The hedgehog in the bath tub.

Remember when we made those fishing rods out of fallen tree branches and caught fish in the river? When we got trapped in that field of disgruntled cows and had to jump over a wire fence to get away? You taught me how to catch newts in the pond. To feed a baby wren.

I just can’t believe that I’ll never see you again.

I keep thinking of how much I’ve lost, and how much I will keep losing as the years go by. How you’ll not be there to walk me down the aisle when I get married or hold my first child. How every Christmas and Birthday you will absent and all I’ll want is for you to be there and you won’t be.

I’ll keep you in my thoughts and my heart, Dad.

When I hear the music, I’ll think of you and you’ll live on again through those moments and memories.

Til we meet again x




2 Comments on Here’s to you, Dad

  1. This is so beautiful yaz.
    Your dad always wanted a baby girl and when you came along he was so happy.
    He always told me how proud he was of you and how well you were doing in life.
    He will always live on in your heart soul and thoughts. Forever by your side.

  2. This was so beautiful and so sad too. I’m sorry you’re going through such a big loss, I can’t even imagine how difficult it must be for both you and your family. It’s good you’ve got so many great memories with him to treasure, which is all anyone can hope for in the end. I wish all of your family lots of strength. ❤️

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