Easter Sunday is almost upon us. Today is Good Friday and I have spent the afternoon frantically shooting images of my small (but perfectly formed) Easter and limited edition Lush goodies so that I may share them with you today.

Those of you who have followed me for awhile will know that I’m not usually so disorganised. In fact I’m normally extremely early with the Lush themed posts! Unfortunately life has taken a downward turn and with my father passing away early March I haven’t felt like blogging at all. I picked up a few key bits but not the entire range as I usually would…all of these factors combined had me debating if this was worth posting. That said Lush is still a huge passion of mine and hopefully you’ll enjoy reading what I have to say.

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Easter Haul

The Easter range this year was very impressive. Unusual designs. new scents, old (and well-loved) favourites – it seemed to encompass everything I’d want from a seasonal release. If I’d had the time and the money I would have grabbed one of everything.

Lamb Bomb Bomb bath bomb £9.95

New for 2019 is the incredibly cute, Lamb Bomb Bomb bath bomb. The whole double bath bomb concept came about last Christmas and it was certainly a fun, slightly novelty idea. Lush seem to have run with it since then and have given us a double bomb in retro-themed lamb and bunny rabbit incarnations. I love both but I think the lamb just about wins out in the insta-worthy stakes. This particular lamb contains cocoa absolute, peppermint oil, and soybean flour. To me the scent is quite subtle but it reminds me of a soft mint chocolate which is quite pleasant on the nostrils. I have yet to try it in the tub but have read that it leaves bath water a gorgeous milky colour.


Free Ranger bath Bomb £7.50

Back for its second year running (and with a hefty price increase) is the Free Ranger bath bomb. Shaped like a little chicken and in two halves, this cute bath bomb has a gorgeous fruity scent with strong blackberry tones. I liken it to The Comforter bubble bar because this is what it smells most like to me (although I really don’t know if they’re part of the same scent family or not!) It contains blackcurrant absolute, cypress oil and bergamot oil.


Brontosaurus Fun Egg bath bomb £8.50

Of all the new goodies this year, the Fun Eggs were definitely the most egg-citing (sorry!) to me. The design alone was enough to have me wanting to snap one up of every shade – and there’s four to choose from! At £8.50 the price point stopped me from doing just that, but even so I can safely say this considerably-sized egg is great value for money. It comes in two halves (meaning you can use it for two baths) and contains a cute little dinosaur or chick shaped from Lush’s playdoh-esque Fun. This particular egg contains an adorably squidgy little Brontosaurus and shares its scent with one of my all time favourite and sadly discontinued bath bombs; Space Girl. For those who are not familiar with Space Girl, I would liken the scent to a slightly fruitier Palma Violet. It contains grapefruit oil, bergamot oil, popping candy and almond oil. If you’re going to pick up just one product this season, let it be this.




Golden Egg bath bomb melt £4.95

Back again for another year is my all-time favourite – the Golden Egg!

Seasoned Lushies will be more than familiar with the Golden Egg (or the Sparkly Potato !) due to its amazing gold, glittery design and gorgeous toffee/honey scent. It contains Fair Trade Colombian cocoa butter, bergamot oil and Brazilian orange oil and is incredibly moisturising. Beware though, you may step out of the tub looking a bit like Shirley Eaton from Goldfinger (Google it)!


Limited Edition Haul

To celebrate 30 years of the bath bomb, Lush released a huge range of 54 bath bombs that can be found in their amazing Harajuku store.  Each Lush store across the country got to select a small range of these exclusives to sell but the full range can be found online (here) I opted to shop online which was tough because so many of the bath bombs looked incredible. In the end I didn’t read the descriptions or question the scents, instead opting to throw the ones I liked the look of most in my basket. I was extremely restrained but pleased with myself because a few months back I would have come away with ten at the very least! Here’s what I got.

Kappa bath bomb £5.95

I grabbed the Kappa bath bomb because I am familiar with the Kappa – an imp from Japanese folklore. Plus look at it, it’s so cute with its little eyes. As I said earlier, I didn’t read any descriptions because if I did I know I would have found it much harder to be restrained. Had I read the description of Kappa I probably wouldn’t have picked it as it has a very earthy, grassy and moss-like scent whereas I favour the sweet and fruity. That said it is good to branch out sometimes and I do think this will make a nice change. It contains cucumber powder, oakmoss absolute and Sicilian lemon oil.


Fairy Trumpets bath bomb £5.95

Fairy Trumpets bath bomb has a really fun, eye-catching design with its yellow and pink colour combination. The name of this bath bomb combined with the colour lead me to imagine this product was going to be very sweet-scented and not too dissimilar to Snow Fairy. However it contains chamomile oil, orange flower absolute, rosewood oil and popping candy, ensuring it sits firmly in the ‘floral’ camp rather than the ‘sweet’. I still really like it but again, probably wouldn’t have opted for it if I’d read the ingredients list!


Moon Spell bath bomb £5.95

Another bath bomb picked for aesthetics, Moon Spell is a bomb that comes in two halves with a little crescent moon at its centre. I love the colour combination of lilac and sky blue and think this bath bomb is positively dreamy. It contains Brazilian orange oil and carrageenan extract. From those ingredients I would be unable to guess the scent but it actually has a really soft, sweet smell to it, like powdery candy. This is probably my favourite from the limited edition bath bombs I picked up.



Lucky Cat bath bomb £3.95

The Lucky Cat bath bomb is definitely my favourite in terms of design – it’s just so iconic! At just £3.95 it’s also a complete bargain. Sure, it’s a little smaller than the other bath bombs but look at that little face. And that little waving arm! Cuteness aside this little kitty contains Jasmine absolute, neroli oil and ylang ylang oil which makes it another product for fans of floral scents.


Strawberries and Cream bath bomb £3.95

And last but not least is the adorable little Strawberries and Cream bath bomb. Another slightly smaller but great-for-value product, this bath bomb is shaped liked a strawberry and comes sandwiched in two halves with a creamy centre. It contains fruity strawberry powder, organic cocoa butter and geranium oil. Perhaps this is a little obvious but, well it smells like strawberries! And it’s very nice.


So that’s everything I picked up this Spring season. If you’d like to give my Lush-dedicated Instagram a follow you can find me @thesnowfairy !

What Lush products are you loving this season?

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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your dad and that you’ve been struggling lately. 🙁 I am glad to see your Lush haul post , as I always look forward to them. My family picked me up a few of their Easter range this year in lieu of an Easter egg. I was lucky to receive both dinosaur eggs and both creme eggs, but I’m very temped to get the Moon Spell bath bomb for myself.

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