The rain is coming down in sheets, darkness rakes its fingers across the morning sky. Long gone are the days of heading out in a cotton dress and bare legs –  October is finally here.

And with it, comes Blogtober.

If you’ve followed PLF for awhile you will know that I am prone to bouts of successful blogging and spells of, well, considerably less successful blogging (read: downright droughts.) For the past six months my blog has been limping along like a wounded dog as I have tried and for the most part failed to keep it up to date.  Life is hectic and right now I am facing a complete inability to stick to any kind of schedule (let alone a writing one.)

Yet for some reason I really feel compelled to at least attempt Blogtober this year.  Last year wasn’t a complete disaster but I definitely didn’t make it through the entire month – giving up in favour of a bottle of prosecco and my bed after a particularly trying day at work.  The year previous was more successful and I managed to complete it.  I remember feeling such an enormous sense of achievement despite the fact a majority of my posts were in fact, complete garbage.

I definitely don’t have a lot of spare time, talent or motivation this year – but I want to give it a stab. Please bear with me whilst I try to find my voice again. Forgive the awkward way I stumble over my words or the images that may lack the editing or artistic edge I used to be able to give them. I might not do my best, but I’ll do what I can!

Hopefully Blogtober will spark something in me again. We have 31 days to find out!



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  1. I can’t wait to read all the blogtober thoughts and feels.
    I love how you can really put the reader right there with you when you share your thoughts with us.
    I will be cheering you on. Here’s to blogtober!

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