The nights are drawing in, a distinct chill hangs in the air; Halloween is almost upon us and that can mean just one thing – it’s time for a spooky bath.

Every year I wait with eager anticipation for the Lush Halloween range to drop. This year I was not disappointed! The collection is small, curated and full of new products that really feel well thought out and considered. I was sad not to see Eyeball bath bomb return having really enjoyed the design and scent of it last year but there are some amazing new products to replace it (Boo shower slime and Mercury Retrograde being stand-out products for me.) I was also surprised to see that old favourite Pumpkin bath bomb was missing for a second year running but it seems to have been replaced by Punkin Pumpkin which I have to say, I’m not complaining about.

I didn’t pick up everything in the range this year but purchased a majority of the line. Today I thought I’d share my haunted haul with you.

Boo Shower Slime £12 for 250g

Boo shower slime is a new product for 2019. The concept behind it is similar to a shower jelly – it’s basically a pot of gloop that’s bordering on impossible to use in the shower but you’ll definitely want to try anyway. The main difference is the consistency. Boo is, in its most basic form, goo. You can’t tip the pot up and have a solid, wobbly structure left in the palm of your hand as you would with a jelly – instead you have to pick globs out – and it’s strangely satisfying. It contains cornflour, bamboo extract, xanthan gum, perfume etc and is part of the Snow Fairy scent family. For those who aren’t familiar with Snow Fairy, the scent is a sugary sweet mix of bubblegum and candyfloss. I never thought I’d enjoy rubbing black slime in to my legs but actually, Boo is a new favourite product for me. It lathers up really well, smells fantastic and adds a fun, novelty aspect to bathtime which I appreciate despite nearing my 30s. I’ll definitely be stocking up on this before it drifts off the shelves.


Bewitched Bubble Bar £5.50

Back again for its’ third year is Bewitched Bubble Bar – everyone’s favourite Halloween kitty. As always it’s a great product and perfect for creating spooky baths. Shaped like an inquisitive black cat – every witches best friend – and containing olibanum oil, bergamot oil and perfume, this bubble bar is fruity, sweet and smells strongly of blackberries. It also creates mounds of soft bubbles and jet black water which is basically what you want from a goth-themed bath, isn’t it?


Mercury Retrograde Bath Bomb £4.95

Mercury Retrograde is a new bath bomb for 2019 and probably what I’d describe as being on the more affordable scale of the range priced at £4.95. Designed to bring some calm in to your life despite the chaos caused by the impending Mercury in retrograde on All Hallows’ Eve, this bath bomb contains Sicilian lemon oil, ginger, sodium alginate, buchu and cinnamon. Despite being a huge Lush fan I didn’t immediately recognise this scent which is very sweet yet spicy (as you might expect from an ingredients list that contains both ginger and cinnamon.) A quick Google search revealed its actually from the Gingerbread House scent family – although I haven’t tried that product so cannot confirm. Either way it smells absolutely amazing and the design is incredible – another fantastic new product which I will be stocking up on before it leaves the shelves.


Punkin Pumpkin Bath Bomb £4.95

Yet another new product for 2019 (yay for newness!) is Punkin Pumpkin – a super-cute, pumpkin shaped bath bomb. I am obsessed with anything pumpkin so as you can imagine, I was pretty excited to discover this little guy. With eyes that glow in the dark (yes, really!) this bath bomb contains cinnamon leaf oil, Sicilian red mandarin oil, lime oil and organic pumpkin powder. I believe the scent is completely new, yet there is something strangely familiar about it. To my nose it’s really sweet and you can definitely detect the lime – something not too dissimilar to Calacas – yet the pumpkin powder and cinnamon make themselves known. It’s sweet and spicy but in a completely different way to Mercury Retrograde. I definitely recommend giving this one a sniff if you spot in your local Lush as you might be surprised!


Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar £4.95

My all-time favourite product is back to haunt us for another year; Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar. Shaped like a cute little pumpkin, topped with a cinnamon stalk and brushed with golden glitter, this amazing little product creates mounds of spookily-soft bubbles and bright orange water that sparkles. Containing juniperberry oil, lime oil and grapefruit oil, this bubble bar is a sweet, fruity-scented product that is very under-appreciated in the Lush world (sharing a scent family with just one other product – Mr Punch soap.) It has had a further price increase this year (going up by 50p last year and 20p this year) which saddens me but I will still be stockpiling these to see me through the rest of the year.


Monsters Ball Bath Bomb £5.50

Monsters ball is another returning product for 2019 and continues to be a firm favourite of mine (although this years range is so fantastic it’s really hard to pick a stand-out.) Sharing its scent with the Calacas family and shaped like a Monsters Inc reject, this cute little guy is an essential in any Lush Halloween haul. Containing lime oil, neroli oil and olibanum oil, this bath bomb smells zesty and fruity with the lime being the predominant note. I always describe is as smelling like a bag of crushed sweets and I still think that’s pretty accurate. It appears to have had a tiny bit of a makeover being a lot brighter in colour than previous years.


Pumpkin Spice Lip Scrub £6.50

Last but not least is the Pumpkin Spice lip scrub. Lip scrubs are really handy for keeping your lips smooth – ideal for using before you apply a coat of lipstick. That said I tend to neglect the lip scrub range a bit and I haven’t bought one in years. When I saw this one was Pumpkin Spice scented however, I had to go for it. For those of you who don’t know, Lush lip scrubs are made using exfoliating caster sugar – so they’re completely edible. This one contains ginger oleoresin, organic pumpkin seed butter, cinnamon powder and organic pumpkin seed oil. I was surprised how true to the ‘pumpkin spice’ scent/taste this product actually is. It’s not sweet at all, just really spicy with the pumpkin making itself known. I like it a lot – another great new product for 2019.


So that’s my haul for 2019. Have you tried any of the new range yet? What is your favourite Lush Halloween goodie? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I was also sad to not see the Eyeball bath bomb again this but I’m thrilled with the new punkin pumpkin after missing the previous pumpkin bath bomb! The Boo shower slime sounds so strange haha I didn’t pick one up but I kind of wish I had now! I really like the look of the made over monsters ball too, it’s much more vibrant 😊 Great haul!

    • Thanks Hollie! Yeah I was sceptical about Boo but I’m obsessed with it now, I literally bring it in to every bath I have haha. I recommend giving it a go – maybe you can request a small sample?! Great range this year I think!

  2. I love seeing your Lush hauls! 😍 I’ve tried out the Boo slime instore, the scent is amazing. I know my parents have got me a few of the Halloween and Christmas ranges for Christmas.

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