Before the Autumn season starts and the leaves begin to fall I like to write up a little bucket list of all the things I hope to see and do before Winter claws its way in. Autumn is my most favourite season and I like to make sure it’s packed with plenty of fun activities so that I’m not wasting it. My Dad always said it’s important to have things to look forward to so for today’s Blogtober I thought I’d share my seasonal bucket list with you.


Getting tattooed isn’t strictly an Autumnal activity or something that I associate with the changing of the season. That said it has become a little tradition of sorts for me to get tattooed from September through to November and most years I will collect one or two throughout these months. The main reason for this is really that it’s just the ideal time to get tattooed – it’s not too hot or too cold and you don’t have to worry about covering up your new tattoo from the sun. This year I have three tattoos booked in to look forward to. My upper arm in October, my palm at the beginning of November and the other side of my neck at the end of November. And yes, one of them is Autumnal-themed!


This October I will be travelling to Amsterdam for a few days with my good friend Laura. Travel is something I associate with Autumn because I usually spend a few days in Paris soaking up all the pretty sights. This year I haven’t travelled at all so I’m really excited to explore this beautiful city and make some fun memories.


Towards the end of October I will be seeing the Chromatics and Desire on their Double Exposure tour. I used to be an avid gig-goer but over recent years this hobby dried up. In the Summer the spark was reignited when my friend Faye and I went to the Camden Rocks festival. Since then I’ve really been excited about live music again and can’t wait to see two of my favourite bands with my best friend.


I’ll be in Amsterdam over the Halloween period (travelling back on the 31st!) but I will still very much be celebrating the spooky season. If it means I have to make plans before or after my travel I will. Every year I dress up (previous years have seen me dress up as deer road kill, a Pierrot clown, a pumpkin and a bat) and this year will be no exception. I’m a little late in planning my outfit (I normally decide and start to buy bits in the Summer) but I’ll be sure to have a good hard think on it and come up with something even better than before.

Bonfire Night

Each year I celebrate bonfire night with an event – usually fireworks and a funfair. This year will be no exception. There’s nothing I enjoy more than watching glittering fireworks explode in the sky as I’m all wrapped up and cosy.

Visit the pumpkin patch

Visiting the pumpkin patch is something I have done for the past three years and has become something of an Autumn tradition for me. I just love walking around the field, hot drink in hand, selecting the best pumpkins and taking lots of lovely photos. I grew my own pumpkin this year so technically there is no need for the patch – that said I absolutely love the experience and think it’s just about the most Autumnal thing you can do. I can’t wait to go again!

Pumpkin carving

And of course there’s no point in carefully selecting your pumpkins if you’re not going to carve them! This year I hope to rope my family in the tradition and to create some designs that we can proudly display at the front of our house. I will also be harvesting the seeds from my homegrown pumpkin and posting them out to friends who’d like to give pumpkin growing a go next year.

Ghost Bus Tour

I have taken the Ghost Bus Tour through London around four times now but it never gets old. There’s something so atmospheric about getting on a jet black bus in London and holding a seance to communicate with the dead. It’s such a funny experience with actors on board really helping to set the scene. I’ll probably hop on board after work one evening!

Autumn walks

One of my biggest hobbies is photography. There’s nothing I love more than getting outside with my camera and capturing shots of wildlife and nature. This year I hope I can fit in a few walks with my boyfriend who is also a very keen and talented photographer with a huge passion for wildlife. We have already taken one fantastic walk together and I can’t wait to get outside and point out all the mushrooms, the birds and the trees to each other again. Hopefully I will collect up a few conkers and spot some Fly Agarics too!

The British Wildlife Centre

The British Wildlife Centre is a fantastic place to get close to wildlife you otherwise might not see in day-to-day life (think red squirrels.) I have visited a few times but always think there’s something special about an Autumn visit. I hope to go again before the season is out – it’s a little far away for me but it’s worth the trip.

My birthday – eek!

In November I turn the big 3-0. This is the first year I’m really dreading it. Firstly, I’m going to be officially old, secondly my Dad isn’t going to be here and thirdly it’s going to be weird. I’m so used to having my birthday in a certain way that this year it’s going to feel really strange. I think I will have to make some sort of plan though as I don’t want to feel completely depressed about the whole thing. And maybe I’ll treat myself to a nice present to keep my spirits up. Hopefully it will turn out better than expected!

So that’s everything I have planned for the weeks ahead. It sounds quite busy and I’m a little bit tired just thinking about it but I’m super excited to make lots of new and positive memories!

Do you have any fun Autumnal activities planned this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. What a great bucket list! I hope you have an amazing time in Amsterdam. I love bonfire night and watching the fireworks displays too, I always look forward to it. 😊 The Ghost Bus Tour sounds like so much fun, I hope you write about the experience. 😊

  2. This is such a great bucket list! I’m a little jealous that you’ll be in Amsterdam over Halloween. I’d love to go there. The ghost bus tour in London was one of my favourites, there’s also ones in Edinburgh and York by the same company.

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