I love jewellery; whether it’s junk or jewels and gold I think it’s a great way of accessorising and showcasing your personality. My collection mostly consists of acrylic pieces from indie designers as I like to support small business and really enjoy the unique designs.

Today I thought it would fun to share some of my favourite pieces from my brooch collection. This post is just a small peek at my collection and is in no way sponsored or endorsed by the businesses mentioned! (But do go and check them out and mention my little blog if you find anything that takes your fancy – it’s nice to be nice!)


I love a good theme and reason to celebrate so it’s hardly surprising that my brooch collection is made up of so many seasonal goodies that I can throw on as a nod to the occasion. That said I was actually quite surprised at how few Valentines brooches I have! Both Valentine’s kitty and Sugar Skull are from I Love Crafty with the latter being a gift from my amazing Instagram pal Katie.



Back at it with another theme this eclectic mix really summarises the Spring/Easter season for me. The hot cross buns are from the super talented Just Dandy Jewellery.  I love hot cross buns and think this brooch is really fun so it’s definitely a favourite in my collection. The fried egg was a gift from my Mumchelle and I believe came from New Look – it’s probably one of the only “mass produced” brooches in my collection but I can forgive that because I love anything egg-themed. The cute pastel bunny with pom pom tail comes from I Love Crafty who makes lots of fun seasonal things (many of which are in my collection!) whilst the big Sunflower came in a Lucky Dip Club box many moons ago. Finally the wooden tulip was a gift from my lovely Instagram friend and pen pal, Emma. This bright and beautiful brooch is from Little Red Apple Cards!



Autumn is my all-time favourite season so it makes sense that I have accumulated so many great brooches! The shocked pumpkin is from the incredibly talented You Make Me Design who has created some of the most ‘me’ pieces I own. This particular brooch is based on a vintage planter design that I just love (and have been desperately trying to hunt down for awhile now!) Also vintage-inspired is the little pumpkin-cluster brooch from Luxulite which was a gift from my pen pal Emma! (Who incidentally gifts the most amazing and thoughtful pieces.) The spooky ghost is my latest acquisition and comes from Tatty Devine. Finally the toffee apple, sparkly pumpkin, squirrel and acorn cluster all come from Kimchi and Coconut. Kimchi and Coconut is another favourite small business of mine because they always seem create the exact designs I want; stuff that no other company is creating. The toffee apple in particular is a stand-out piece for me because it really does symbolise the season so well and always makes me smile when it’s pinned to my jumper.




During the festive season I love to pin a brooch to my tacky Christmas jumper. I feel this part of my collection is quite small but perfectly formed. The cat snowman is from I Love Crafty (another gift from my penpal Emma) both the gingerbread man and snowflake cookie were from Etsy shops but unfortunately I have since forgotten which! (Eek) and the pudding is a Lottie and Lu special (I think Martini and Slippers but I could be wrong!)



I am obsessed with all things funfair/circus and absolutely adore my carousel horse and fox brooches from Curious Carousel. This shop is based in Australia so shipping prices can be quite high which is sad, however these pieces are often picked up and stocked by online retailers such as Lottie and Lu. Mine were gifted to me by family members on my last birthday which makes them all the more special to me. Finally is my ‘Admit one’ sparkly ticket brooch from Erstwilder, another fantastic business based in Australia (and also stocked at Lottie and Lu!) I have only recently started getting in to Erstwilder as a brand but really want to add more pieces to my collection.



Perhaps my favourite category of brooch due to the weird and wonderful nature of the collection is ‘misc’. I adore my kewpie brooch which is from You Make Me. I collect kewpies and this is such a great representation that adds a touch of kitsch and fun to any outfit. The tooth is from Kaiju Candy and is quite a large, statement piece that works well pinned to a coat lapel. I tend to get a lot of strange questions when I wear this (mainly “are you a dentist?”) No, I’m not a dentist! I just have a weird fascination with teeth!



One of my favourite brooches falls in to the animal category and is the sparkly robin from Just Dandy. This beautiful brooch features marbled and glitter acrylic and the effect is just brilliant. It’s a really nice size too so always gets a lot of attention and compliments. The narwhal is from Kimchi and Coconut and is another piece that I’m really fond of. The wooden hedgehog and fawn are both from the same shop on Etsy but as they were purchased so long ago I can’t remember which (sorry!)




I adore vintage jewellery but don’t (yet) have a huge collection. The gold sausage dog and plastic cherries were found in my most favourite vintage shop in Crews Hill whilst the glass piece was picked up at Spitalfields market and was labelled as being from the 60s. Finally is a zebra finch tin brooch which I wrangled through an online swap shop. Having kept zebra finches for a number of years this little brooch is perfect for me.


Me made

And last but not least are a couple of brooches I have made myself! The acrylic strawberry was a piece I made for my business Daisy and Sparrow – I never got around to releasing it however because each piece is so tiny that it took me over an hour to assemble just the one. I still have the components in my craft drawer however so perhaps one rainy day I’ll sit down and knock a few up. The fried egg brooch was part of a craft kit I received in a subscription box and was really fun to make! (Even though my sewing skills are seriously lacking.)



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  1. This is such an impressive collection and makes me want to start getting some brooches. They’re all amazing! I especially like the bunny with the little Pom tail, sparkly pumpkin and ghost, the little carousel ones and the robin. 😊😍 x

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