Back in the Summer Lush released some brand-new party exclusive products; these were available for a limited time online for a tester period before being made store exclusive and only available if you booked a party.

Seeing how cute the designs were I was keen to try the products ASAP and put in a little online order with the intention of blogging about them. However, me being me I let time pass me by and completely forgot. For today’s Blogtober I thought I’d finally share a little haul and review with you – if you would like to try these products for yourself you can buy them exclusively when you book a party with Lush!

Party exclusives

Calm a Llama Party Pinata bath bomb, £7.95

Bold, bright colours and a llama party pinata design combine to make what is quite possibly the cutest bath bomb of all time. Priced £7.95, I understand this product may seem a little expensive if you’re looking at cost per bath. That said it’s quite a substantially-sized bath bomb and, if you’re grabbing one as a gift or as a celebratory treat the cost is justified. Containing lime oil, neroli oil, olibanum resinoid and popping candy, this sweet-smelling bath bomb is part of the Calacas scent family (think Calavera bath bomb, Monsters Ball etc). For those who aren’t familiar with Calacas it’s fairly heavy on lime and, in my opinion quite reminiscent of fruity sweets. In the tub this bomb creates some truly stunning bath art with vibrant shades of pink and orange mingling together as popping candy crackles away.



Cilla the Caterpillar bath bomb, £7.95

Another insanely cute product, Cilla the Caterpillar bath bomb comes in two halves that can be used separately or stacked together (a popular design in Lush right now). Shaped like an adorable caterpillar with a friendly smile and big candy eyes, this is one little bug I don’t mind lurking around the bathroom. Again priced at £7.95 this bath bomb is on the more expensive side however if you use it for two separate baths it works out okay. Containing Jasmine absolute, vanilla absolute and tonka absolute, Cilla is part of the Vanillary scent family and has musky yet sweet notes, heavy on the vanilla. In the tub it’s quite a slow fizzer and in my opinion, nothing to write home about in terms of visuals. That said it’s a very photogenic bath bomb and the scent is strong enough to linger on your skin throughout the day.


Party Balloon Green bubble bar, £5.95

Available in five colourways (green, gold, silver, purple and pink) this balloon-shaped bubble bar is sure to create an uplifting bath. I picked the green balloon (not for any particular reason I just felt it was quite aesthetically pleasing!) Containing grapefruit oil, lime oil and perfume, this bubble bar smells quite citrusy and as far as I am aware, isn’t a part of any scent family. Party balloon is a reusable product meaning you will get a fair few baths out of it (for me around three or four) and creates mounds of soft bubbles and bright green water. I liked this product but for me it wasn’t massively different from any of the other reusable bubble bars that I have tried. That said it’s reasonably priced enough for me to make another purchase, should it ever be released online again.


So those were the party exclusives I picked up. I think they’re all great, novelty products and would definitely re-purchase. Have you tried any of the above? If so what did you think? Let me know in the comments below.


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