Throughout Blogtober I have been sharing snippets of my collections; from my Favourite Pieces In My Brooch Collection to What’s In My Record Collection?

I really do get a lot of enjoyment out of collecting stuff and things. Maybe I have a slight penchant for hoarding but in all honesty I love the hunt and thrill of finding a new piece. In recent years I really started to get in to collecting vintage and though this isn’t one of my more extensive collections, it’s one of the more interesting. For today’s Blogtober I thought I’d share with you a few bits and bobs that I really love.

Babycham deer and glasses

I love the whole kitsch aesthetic. Kitschy and colourful are things that make me feel happy; although Marie Kondo might not approve of my very liberal ability to assign importance/attachment to any old piece of junk she would at least be happy to know that my items spark joy within me. The Babycham deer is an incredibly iconic piece of kitsch – a bright yellow deer sporting a big blue bow – what’s not to love? The fact that it’s often seen leaping across the packaging of a particularly tasty sparkling alcoholic beverage (first produced in 1953) is neither here nor there to me. (Maybe). Anyway, as someone who absolutely loves advertising and packaging, deers, booze and anything retro, it kind of makes sense why this brand would be so appealing to me. This little plastic deer and the sophisticated gold-rimmed glasses were a lucky eBay find coming it at just under £20 which isn’t bad! These items would have been produced circa the 60s/70s but as I’m no expert I couldn’t tell you precisely when. I would absolutely love to add the leaping deer and the larger deer to my collection.


Goldtone sausage dog brooch

One of my latest acquisitions is this cute yet sophisticated sausage dog brooch that I picked up in my most favourite vintage shop, The Vintage Emporium in Crews Hill. Back in the Summer and after months of not being able to visit I took an exceedingly long and disrupted train up to Crews Hill to have a nose around the shop. For those that have not had the privilege of paying it a visit, The Vintage Emporium is wonderful – it’s a treasure chest full of items that have been well-loved and stood the test of time – all with brilliant stories and significance attached. I thoroughly enjoyed rummaging through the piles of vintage but didn’t actually come away with much – just this one sausage dog brooch and a plastic cherry brooch. I adore sausage dogs and hope to have my own one day so this brooch immediately appealed. Most of my brooch collection is plastic so it’s actually pretty rare for me to add in a metal piece. That said I thought this little guy was adorable and the attention to detail fantastic. With vintage jewellery I always wonder who wore it before me. Was this little sausage dog pinned to a fondant pink coat worn by a woman with the real thing of her own? Was it gifted by a lover? And where will it go when I am gone? It’s interesting to think about.


Yellow glass brooch

Another brooch that I feel is worth a mention is this gorgeous yellow glass brooch which I picked up from a stall in Spitalfields. This large, faceted glass brooch has mock gold fittings and despite being a ‘fake’ bit of jewellery has lasted remarkably well considering it’s from the 60s. I love glass and stone jewellery because it feels decadent and reminds me of the beautiful jewels that I definitely can’t afford but would indulge in if money was no issue. Yellow is also my favourite colour and as a fan of citrine I had to snap this up.


Bird books

I have quite the collection of vintage bird books and field guides (that’s a whole other sub-category of my collection!) As a self-proclaimed crazy bird lady I just love to look at the beautiful plates of illustrations of birds I know and love. Out of my entire collection two books really stand out the most to me however.


The first is The Birds of the British Isles; a book that was owned by my Grandad and gifted to me by my family when he passed away two years ago. Asides from the obvious sentimental factor of the book having belonged to my Grandad, it also has some writing in the cover to explain it was presented to my Grandad as a form prize in 1958. For those who don’t know I’m just going to drop the link The Lost Art Of Writing In Books as a means of explaining why I love finding a little message or name inscribed inside the pages of a book. It also contains some beautiful plates and some rather interesting black and white photos making it fascinating to flip through.



The second book is ‘Birds Shown to the Children’. I’m not sure how old this book is because I can’t find a date exactly but I presume it’s fairly old based on the paper cover and the contents I found hidden between the pages. I picked this book up at my most favourite book shop in Rochester – an amazing gem hidden at the far end of the high street – the most instagram-worthy bookshop you’ll ever enter (seriously, it’s beautiful and fascinating).  It didn’t cost much, just a few pounds but the plates inside are stunning. What made this book even more exciting for me was the discovering of little knick-knacks the last owner had left between the pages – collectable Player’s cigarette cards featuring birds, little calendar dated tokens from 1932, a paper daisy – the list goes on. There were so many hidden gems in this book that it was like opening a treasure chest. Again, I love anything old with a story to tell so this massively appealed to me. I have left the contents in their respective pages but every now and then I like to get them out to examine because it really does interest me to think about the previous owner and the journey this book has been on.




Do you collect vintage? Or would you like to? Let me know in the comments below.

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