I love Halloween – next to Christmas it’s my most favourite time of the year. I enjoy all of the spooky events, the dressing up, all of the themed snacks and seeing porches lit up by carved pumpkins.

Last year I had a whole house of my own to decorate. I didn’t go mad but I definitely had pumpkins on my doorstep and a whole host of hangingĀ thingsĀ adorning the living room as well as orange lights in the window. I gave out goodie bags to Trick or Treaters too. But this year things are a little different and I’m back living with my Mum. I was pleasantly surprised one morning to discover (as I was leaving for work) that both my younger brother and Mum had decided to decorate the front garden! So for today’s Blogtober I thought I’d share how they chose to decorate. Considering this was done on a fairly low budget I’m impressed! Carved pumpkins will follow shortly…

The garden gate has been sign-posted – enter at your own risk!


Looks like a particularly large spider has wreaked havoc and spun its webs in the rosemary bush and along the garden fence. I think the little legs you can see poking out might be the babies…




Fiendish things hang from the tree…I’m getting some creepy vibes off of these guys…



Yet more warning signs…


It’s possible that zombies are lurking in the shadows (or perhaps they’re in the house and they just haven’t had their coffees yet…)


Yikes! That’s a window I don’t want to peak inside.


Don’t even think about trying the front door…


At least the back gate is properly sign-posted. Which way to the graveyard?


Must be over here…argh!


I think this was a pretty good effort! Can’t wait to add a few more lights and of course, those extra-special carved pumpkins!

Have you decorated for Halloween? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Ahh this is amazing!!! The clown in the window is seriously creepy haha. I love the cobwebs along the bushes and the fence too. Your house is going to be very popular on Halloween haha.

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