Last year I decided it would be fun to create some goodie bags for the local Trick or Treaters. They went down really well with many of the kids delightedly exclaiming “there’s toys in here!”

This year I’d thought I’d have a go at making some more and because it’s Blogtober it only seemed appropriate to share!


I think the key to a really successful goodie bag is including some toys. Most people hand out sweets so a toy feels like something different and special. I picked up flocked bats, rubber mice, plastic spiders and glow in the dark fangs in multi-packs from the Pound Shop, Wilkos and a dedicated Halloween store in Lakeside. Nothing was particularly expensive but when it comes to goodie bags you can go for cheap and cheerful and still make an impact!




In terms of sweet treats I grabbed everything from the Pound Shop. It really is amazing for Halloween-themed sweets at this time of year. I was able to pick up popping candy, multi-packs of lollies, chocolate pumpkins and gummy body parts. I had a few chocolate pumpkins and Halloween-themed lollies left over from my Spooky Snacks for Halloween Parties post so I threw those in too.



The Pound Shop saved the day again when it came to the actual goodie bags. At just £1 for 20 bags you can’t really go wrong, plus the design is pretty colourful and fun – sure to appeal to mini spooks.


Each goodie bag contains one-two toys, a chocolate pumpkin and a handful of sweets. I managed to make about 23 bags which I don’t think is too bad considering how little I spent!



If you’re thinking of making your own goodie bags to hand out on the big day my top tips are:

  1. Buy in bulk!
  2. Check out your local Pound Shop and discount stores.
  3. Make them a bit more interesting by adding in some toys or stickers in addition to the normal sweets.

Happy Halloween!






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  1. I love this idea it has more thought put into it than just handing sweets out from a bag.
    The trick or treaters are going to love them.

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