It’s the 31st of October and it can mean just two things; 1. It’s the spookiest day of the year – Halloween! And 2. It’s the end of Blogtober!

For my final Blogtober post I thought I’d reflect on the month gone by and write a little bit about how I found this years challenge.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Blogtober is not an easy challenge to participate in. Coming up with content every day for 31 days when you’re trying to maintain a normal social life and you work full time is exhausting. Much like last year there were many occasions when I felt like giving up (and very nearly did). I’m glad I stuck with it though and that I just about scraped it together for a second year.

Personal highlights of this years Blogtober were visiting Foxes Farm pumpkin patch which has become somewhat of a tradition for me. I had a great day out and I love the photographs I took. It was also just a fun thing for me to write about- days out posts generally tend to be my favourites. You can read about my pumpkin patch trip here!


Another favourite post was One Rainy Autumn Day because I put quite a bit of time and effort in to the photography and words (and particularly liked the photographs I took of the rat), A Few Beautiful Pieces From My Vintage Collection because again, I was quite proud of the photography that post contained and also because I really enjoy writing about my collections and Super Simple Halloween Eyeball Cherry Pie Recipe – just because it was such a simple idea that pulled together really well! I also enjoyed writing Growing a Pumpkin – Tips and Tricks because it was a completely new style of post for me and I still can’t quite believe I grew my own!


Finally (as always) I enjoyed putting together my annual Lush Cosmetics Halloween 2019 Haul! Who doesn’t love a Lush haul?!


I think overall I would call this years Blogtober attempt a success but there’s definitely a few things I’d do differently if I got a chance to do them again. Firstly, I would go on more days out; not only because days out posts are my favourites to write but because I feel I should have made the most out of my precious weekends and this month I really struggled with that. This month has been busy with work and seeing my boyfriend so by the time the weekend rolls around I tend to get lazy and want some time in bed to catch up on sleep.

The second thing I’d do is utilise my time better. I didn’t take my camera in to work with me once, despite knowing full well that to get the shots I needed to make my posts visually interesting I should be shooting every day. There’s a really lovely park near my work and I take my camera there every Autumn – but this year I’ve failed to do so which is a big shame! I did write some of my posts on my lunch breaks and some I scheduled a couple of days in advance – but there were times when I scraped something together when I got home after a full day of work (and you can tell, seriously).

Next year to get through Blogtober I will:

  1. Start writing posts in September.
  2. Come up with a comprehensive list of ideas before Blogtober begins.
  3. Utilise my time better.
  4. Put more effort in to every post.

For those who have been joining me on my Blogtober journey – thanks for sticking by and showing me some support. Congratulations to everyone who completed the challenge this month! Now, should we all get started on Blogmas?!


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  1. Congratulations for completing a whole months worth of blogs!
    This is no easy feat and i think you did brilliantly.
    Well done yaz.

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