On New Years Eve my boyfriend and I went to our favourite pizza place – Voodoo Rays, and then on to a couple of quiet pubs to neck drinks and make each other laugh. We ate all the pizza, drank all the drinks and danced at home to a really weird playlist of mediocre music from the past decade. It honestly was the best way to see in 2020 and wave goodbye to the absolute horror-show of the past year. Nothing screams fresh start quite like a Hot Mix 5 and a badly-made bourbon sours with the best friend and boyfriend you could ever wish for.

Naturally when we woke up on the 1st of January we were feeling a little worse for wear. Nursing hangovers and strangely aching muscles (I taught him how to slut drop and I think that was a little more exercise than we’re both used to lately) we armed ourselves with cameras and set off in to the grey morning in search of birds, wildlife and fresh air.


Birdman has taken me to Dulwich park before. We once spent a super-happy Autumnal morning roaming around and pointing out interesting fungi and plants to each other. Taking shoddy pictures on our camera phones. I had an amazing time then so I knew I would again – this time with our matching Nikon cameras in tow.

Birdman isn’t a morning person and I’m sure my incessant chatter would have eventually pushed him to the brink – if we hadn’t stopped off for vanilla lattes at the cafe that is. Coffees and delicious sausages in brioche buns down, we were ready to walk (and Birdman ready to communicate).

As always I was absolutely charmed by the squirrels in the park who were busy scurrying through the leaves, desperately trying to find morsels they had buried previously.





I was also pleasantly surprised to spot a few robins – for me a sign that the day ahead would be a good one.



Birdman managed to snap a few more birds than I did, his eye a lot keener than mine. I did however enjoy capturing a lone blackbird having a reflective moment.


And later a plump wood pigeon…


And of course no walk would be complete without stopping to examine some interesting looking fungi that seemed to pop up out of nowhere.



Getting outside with my camera again, stretching my legs and paying attention to nature really grounded me and reminded me of the things that spark passion and happiness within me. Getting to do it all with a person who loves it just as much as I do made it all the more special.

Roll on 2020 and many more wonderful walks.

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