It has been a bit quiet on the blog this past festive season. Usually in the run up to the big day I’d have posted a big Lush Christmas haul and review – however this year I didn’t try a single new product! Instead I exercised some willpower (read: I had to spend my money on Christmas presents for other people!) Instead I did something that screams logic (which is a pretty new concept for me, let’s be honest) and I waited for the Boxing Day sales to grab some half-priced bargains! Today I thought I’d share that haul with you, alongside a few other bits I was kindly gifted for Christmas. As the season has already passed and many of these products are no longer on the shelves, I will not be including prices or reviewing the sets/products as such- just giving a general overview and my thoughts.  Disclaimers done, let’s get in to it!


My most wanted gift set this year was the gingerbread tin. Every year I try to grab at least one tin as a little keepsake and the gingerbread house was so adorable I just had to have it. Unfortunately the Lush Gods where not on my side that cold, early Boxing Day morning – the store was devoid of cute gingerbread-shaped houses filled with delicious-scented goodies. Luckily I did still manage to grab a tin however, and it had some pretty amazing product inside!

Starbright Gift Set  


With its brightly-coloured star and geometric shape print, the Starbright tin is quite the aesthetically pleasing set. It manages to land somewhere between the 80s and is slightly reminiscent of the old tins Christmas chocolate would come in. Of course, this set contains something far sweeter than that – lots of Lush goodies!

The set comes with a Twilight bath bomb which is not a seasonal line (but beloved of Lushies around the world all the same), Shoot For The Stars bath bomb which is one of my all time favourites, Magic Wand bubble bar which has been given a makeover this year (not sure I approve!) and new-to-2019, shimmer bar Let It Snow which is Snow Fairy scented. Also in the tin was a 100g bottle of Snow Fairy shower gel (handy), Snow Fairy body conditioner and another new product for this year – Galaxy lip scrub. All in all Starbright is a seriously sweet-scented set with good product variety (even if not in terms of scent families).



Christmas Lights Gift Set


The next set I grabbed was Christmas Lights. Having not done any real research in to the sets this year  I didn’t really know what I was picking up – only that it was cheap and it had bath bombs inside. It’s a small set so only contains two but happily for me those two were Shoot For The Stars and The Worlds Smallest Disco – both being bath bombs I really enjoy.


Ho, Ho, Ho! Gift Set


The last gift set I picked up was Ho, Ho, Ho! Technically not part of my Boxing Day sale haul because I actually grabbed this one two days later when back at work (so shoot me, yes I went to the Lush sales twice!) I’m actually super pleased I went back though because this set has three new products in which I can’t wait to try.

It contains Snowman Dreaming bath bomb which possesses a nice soft, citrussy scent, the extremely cute Rudolph bath bomb which to my nose smells a bit like clean laundry and a reusable bubble bar – Santa. Santa is very heavily scented and again citrus-based. However, it’s a lot more overpowering than Snowman Dreaming and reminds me of fizzy sherbet lemons. I am looking forward to trying all three!


Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Of course I couldn’t let the season pass by without replenishing my Snow Fairy pile. This year I managed to grab a whopping 1kg bottle of the sugary stuff! I think this is the biggest bottle I’ve ever managed to grab in a sale and I’m extremely pleased with myself.


Celebrate Body Spray

I also managed to pick up a bottle of Celebrate body spray. This is actually my favourite purchase of the season because it just smells so amazing. I’m so sad I didn’t have the foresight to pick up more than bottle of the stuff! I will have to use it sparingly for sure.


Fly Me To The Moon Amazeball Bath Bomb

Finally I just had to pick up an Amazeball which was a new product for 2019. I was super happy to discover my local Lush still had the Fly Me To The Moon versions which have a very zesty – lime heavy scent. These are a lot larger than regular bath bombs and contain “sparkly space dust” which you can pour in to your bath.


That was everything I grabbed in the sales! I think perhaps it may have been slightly less than some years and I definitely didn’t go over the top with my spending – all that product set me back £70 which is a lot less than I have previously spent. All in all I’m pretty happy with my purchases however and with Lush Valentines in sight I think I’m all set to build my bath bomb collection back up.

I mentioned earlier that this post would also contain some product that I was gifted. So finally…

Calacas Body Spray and Perfume


My lovely boyfriend gifted me three bottles of Calacas spray and a bottle of the perfume. He knows this is one of my all-time favourite scents and is very ‘me’. I feel extremely thankful and lucky – definitely spoilt with this lot! You may be wondering why there are only two sprays pictured – one of them lives at his house so I always have the spray around, even if I’m staying at his. But let’s be realistic here, it smells so good I have a sneaking suspicion he might just want to coat himself in it whilst I’m not there – ha!


So that’s my lovely Lush Christmas haul for the year just gone. Did you pick up anything in the sales?


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