I cried in my car as we said our final goodbyes.

Knowing that in just a few short weeks I’ll be a distant memory, a person that existed for a season, a cup of coffee and a cold beer in the rain. I was the sticking plaster placed over a gaping wound, and though I tried my best to hold us both together it could never be enough. Nothing I could have done or been would ever have been enough.

And it hurts me deeply to know how easy it was for you to walk away, how forgettable I will become, before someone else takes my place and maybe loves you better than I could.

But this is life. And life is unfair sometimes. So now I have to try and be brave. To take this as a lesson, remembering that love is not always enough – that love does not fix broken people, myself included.

I’ll leave you with one last song, that I’ve listened to a lot lately, and then PLF will (slowly) resume business as usual…heartache and mental health rants aside.


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  1. Things will get better for you. I was in a very dark place…I never thought I could love or be loved again. I thought I was broken. All me, all my fault. 5 years on and I’m married to the most wonderful man and have a beautiful baby boy. I now know it’s not me. Life is a journey and everything happens for a reason – even the difficult things.

    Life is tough, but so are you 🙂

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