If you have been following PLF for awhile, you’ll know that alongside Halloween, the Lush Valentines range is one of my most anticipated. All of the cutesy heart designs, the sugary-sweet scents and of course the Unicorn Horns make for a seriously exciting collection. Today I thought I’d share my 2020 haul with you ahead of the big day!

As always I didn’t pick up one of everything from the range, but I got a good selection of product including some old favourites!

Unicorn Horn bubble bar, £4.50

Returning for the new decade is one of my all time favourite products – the Unicorn Horn bubble bar. Decorated in sweet pastel shades and shimmering lustre, this bubble bar is aesthetically pleasing both in and out of the tub. Creating mounds of super-soft bubbles and a glittery lilac-coloured water, Unicorn Horn has a subtle and sweet lavender scent – not as overwhelming or punchy as other products in the range. It contains lavender oil, neroli oil and ylang ylang oil to create a magically relaxing soak.


Love Boat bath bomb, £4.50

With it’s fun design and super-sweet scent, it’s hardly surprising that fan-favourite Love Boat has returned for another year. As it drives through water it releases glittering hearts and intense colour making it a #bathart special. It contains Sicilian lemon oil, rose oil and organic sweet orange. You may be mistaken in thinking the scent is zestier than it is – to my nose it’s definitely sweeter than its ingredients list.


Aubergine bath bomb, £4.95

Back again for its second year running is the Aubergine bath bomb. Containing fresh aubergine, bergamot oil and tonka absolute, this cheeky bath bomb has a sweet and zesty scent that lingers on the skin long after you’ve stepped out of the tub.


Peachy bath bomb, £4.95

Also back for its second year is the cute peach-shaped bath bomb Peachy. With a sweet, fruity scent, this bath bomb contains fresh peach juice, grapefruit oil, davana oil and elemi oil. With a bright pink centre this fast-fizzing bomb creates a seriously Instagram-worthy bath.


Love Locket amazeball bath bomb, £7.50

My favourite new product for 2020 has got to be the Love Locket amazeball. Not only is the design incredible – a locket shaped bomb with removable key centre, filled with colourful candy-esque hearts – but the scent is insane. The website describes it as having a strawberry scent but I feel it is sweeter even than that. It’s as candy-scented as it looks, basically. This amazeball contains geranium oil, Brazilian orange oil and Tonka absolute. You could use it all at once but the idea is that the outer shell provides storage for the inner hearts – enabling you to use as much or as little as you like.



Unicorn lip scrub, £6.50 for 25g

I must admit that the price of this lip scrub does seem a little steep considering how little product you are getting. That said the taste is pleasant – sweet and fruity. Sugar scrubs are ideal for using before applying lipstick and this one contains organic jojoba oil meaning your lips stay soft for longer. I do like this product – the packaging, colour and taste are all great. I do think the price point could be lowered however!


Nana shower gel £6.00 for 120g

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Lush needs more banana-scented product! New to 2020, this shower gel smells like a banana pudding dream. It has a very thick almost slime-like consistency but lathers up well with good scent pay-off. It contains banana and oat decoction and wheatgerm oil. I really love this shower gel and hope to stock up on a bigger bottle before the season ends!


Prince Charming shower gel, £7.00 for 120g

Slightly more expensive than Nana, Prince Charming is the second shower gel option in the line-up this year. I’m glad to see the return of PC after missing it the past couple of years. It’s seem to have come back brighter and stronger-scented than before which is a win-win. Consistency wise it’s quite thin – but a little goes a long way. The scent is hard to describe – sweet without being overbearing, a hint of fruit. It contains marshmallow root and vanilla pod infusion, grapefruit oil and fresh pomegranate juice.


So that’s everything I’ve picked up for this years drop. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried any of these products and if so, what has been your favourite?

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