Through the tough times I have been working extra-hard to find little snippets and moments of joy. It hasn’t always been easy but I have found if you look hard and work hard you can find something to be happy about even in your darkest moments. I thought I’d share a few things that brought me joy during January up until this point. I may make this a weekly or monthly thing because I feel it’s so important to appreciate the little things and it’s good to look back on!

Just a little warning – some of these photos were taken on my camera but a majority were snapped on my phone! The quality may not be quite what you’re used to from this blog but I hope it just adds a little charm rather than detracts from the blog!

Here we go…

Dressing colourfully, buying new clothes and making more of an effort.

I’ve always liked to dress colourfully but over the past few months I found myself dimming down to fit a certain look more and more. I hadn’t bought any new clothes in ages, kept repeating outfits because they were ‘safe’ and didn’t feel as authentically ‘me’ as I had done in the past. So the past few weeks I’ve been having fun with makeup, putting playful outfit combos together and dressing for joy rather than functionality or approval.

Getting tattoos for me

Getting tattooed always makes me feel better about myself and more confident. In the past few weeks I got two – both very different but both with great meaning and always with the reminder of what I love.

Treating myself

Of course working on your outside appearance can improve your mood somewhat but it’s also good to treat yourself. I treated myself a lot lately and I don’t feel remotely guilty. New dresses to wear, a cute kewpie pendant which I’m in love with, a fun charity shop find, a Sonny Angel and of course the gift of a car battery enabling me to get out and about again! Friends have also treated me with one lovely IG friend even sending me a package of goodies to brighten my day.

Working on myself

I have been working on myself a lot lately. Through meditation, therapy appointments, medicine and taking time off of work to focus on my mental health. All of those things have put me in a better place than I was. One thing I’m particularly proud of is getting back behind the wheel of my car. I took a five month break due to anxiety and being unable to afford to replace the battery. I finally took the plunge and have been driving almost constantly including to three new to me places – which makes me feel very proud!


Days out

I haven’t had a lot of days out although I have done an awful lot of walking! The days out I have had however have all been really nice and things I have enjoyed doing. I finally went to Dragcon and met the lovely Cheryl Hole, hung out with my best friend and finally returned to Rochester for a spot of vintage, antique and cute shopping!

Taking time to get back to nature

I thought it would be really difficult to get back to nature – wasn’t sure I would ever want to pick up my camera again. That said I forced myself in to it. Drove to the marshes with my camera in hand and got some great shots hand-feeding robins. It reminded me that this is a big passion of mine – always has been and always will be and it’s important to have passion in life.




So those are some of the things that have been bringing me joy! I hope to check in again soon with another little list. Practising being thankful as well as reflective is really handy in keeping positivity alive and well.

In the meantime I hope you all have joy-filled weeks.

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