It’s been a weird old time lately and I feel a bit strange blogging about bath bombs given the current climate. That said, I purchased this years Lush Easter range several weeks back and they’ve been languishing in the Lush box waiting for their close-ups. Blogging has always been something that has kept me busy and motivated and now in a time where I need those things more than ever, I turn to it again.

Today I will be sharing my thoughts on this years Easter range. Please read on if you’re feeling up to it!

Easter 2020 is another small yet perfectly formed range and one that has excited me the most in recent years. With fun fried egg and avocado designs, this is a collection that’s after my own heart. As always, I didn’t pick up one of everything – instead I opted for a nice selection of old and new treats that I thought I’d use and enjoy. Here’s what I picked up…

Avo Good Easter Soap, £8

New to 2020 is the Avo Good Easter Soap – a super-fun, avocado-shaped soap that smells amazing. Part of the Avowash scent family, this visually appealing soap smells of sweet citrus and contains organic avocado oil, bergamot oil and olibanum oil. The design of this soap is just ingenious – two sides of an avocado that fit together and a gold, glittery stone in the middle. Being a big fan of both avocados and the Avowash scent, this is up there with my favourite releases this year!



Sunnyside Up Shower Jelly, £5

Also new for 2020 is the Sunnyside Up shower jelly. This fried-egg shaped jelly is another firm favourite based on design and scent – I just love how inventive Lush got with this release! With a scent that reminds me of Pina Colada’s, Sunnyside Up contains Brazilian orange oil, fresh coconut infusion, fresh pineapple infusion and carrageenan extract. It lathers up beautifully and leaves the skin highly scented and feeling squeaky clean. Also it’s shaped like a fried egg which makes it the best thing ever, obviously.


Golden Potato Egg Bath Bomb Melt, £5.95

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without the Golden Egg! This year mine looks suspiciously like a potato. It definitely seems to be a lot more rounded, larger, less metallic and more potato coloured than in previous years…but I love it nonetheless! The Golden Egg is a bath bomb melt so you won’t get a spectacular display in the tub. What you will get however, is extremely glittery and soft skin that smells of honey/toffee! The Golden Egg contains Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, Brazilian orange oil, almond oil and bergamot oil and will always be one of my all-time favourites!


Dinosaur Bombshell Egg Bath Bomb, £8.95

Returning for 2020 (with a few improvements)  is the super-fun Dinosaur Bombshell Egg. This hefty-sized bath bomb comes in two egg-shell pieces that you can you use separately (meaning better value for money!) At the centre is a cute dinosaur bubble bar which you can crumble under a running tap to create a mound of soft bubbles! Last but not least this bath bomb is filled with popping candy for a fun surprise! (Sorry if I just ruined it for you!) It contains grapefruit oil, bergamot oil and almond essential oil to create a distinctively fruit scent.


Lucky Carrot Bubble Bar, £4.95

Over the years and the Easter’s Lush have released a fair few carrot designs. I’m not sure what’s so inherently ‘Easter’ about a carrot (other than it being an Easter Bunny-esque snack) but I do always find it fun to see a little vegetable in the line-up. Lucky Carrot bubble bar is this years rendition of said Easter vegetable and just as expected, it does not disappoint. Small but powerful is how I’d describe this guy. It turns your water the most amazing shade of orange and a little goes a long way – crumbling just half the bar produced a huge mound of soft bubbles. It has an uplifting citrus scent (because come on now, who’d want to bathe in a tub scented of carrots?) and contains Sicilian lemon oil and tangerine oil. Simple yet effective.


Magic Rabbit Bath Bomb, £4.95

And last but not least, I picked up the Magic Rabbit bath bomb – another new product for 2020. This bath bomb is shaped like a magician’s hat with two paper bunny ears poking out of the top. The design is quite large which makes this bath bomb great value for money, especially as it’s at the lower end of the price scale this year. It creates amazing deep purple waters that are sweet and fruity-scented. It contains Davana oil, benzoin resinoid, lemon myrtle oil and popping candy – again – because who doesn’t like a little extra surprise!


So that’s everything I picked up this year! I have really enjoyed taking lots of Easter-themed baths recently and can’t wait until the Lush website re-opens for business. What Lush products have you tried from this range? Let me know in the comments below!

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