This Spring has been the warmest I can remember; endless sunshine-filled afternoons and an abundance of blossom.

I try to make the most of the weather and the season – squeezing in walks around my neighbourhood on lunch breaks and weekends. I am lucky enough to live near plenty of fields and green spaces and although my two main haunts are currently closed, there are still quiet spots to wander around.

Mumchelle and I decided to walk through the small patch of woodland over the backfields on one warm afternoon. We were treated to bluebells that had sprouted haphazardly through tangled weeds and fallen branch debris. I was elated to see the bluebells – I did not think I’d get the chance to see them this year, but I always make a point of visiting the woods in Spring to get a glimpse. Unexpected surprises like that are the best.







Walking through the woods I also discovered the most perfect abandoned nest in an overgrown bush. I am unsure what bird would have made it, but it was just beautiful. Perhaps another feathered friend will take up residence there soon! (I may go back at some point just to check!)



The blossom was (and still is!) out in full force. Seeing blossom always makes me happy – it’s a real sign of Spring for me and I look forward to it every year. I even have blossoms tattooed on my neck – that’s how much joy they bring to me!



We also discovered some tulips growing wild which was yet another pleasant surprise! I love how many different flowers you can spot throughout this season. Definitely one reason why Spring is superior to Summer in my opinion.



After weeks of walking around the same backfields we decided to stretch our legs further and follow the Mardyke river pathway. I have walked there before, but not for many years. We saw a gorgeous heron on a pond and lots of birds – including a blackcap! I’ve never actually seen a blackcap before so had a bit of trouble identifying it at first. I wasn’t able to get a very good photo of it which was a bit sad!


Along the pathway we discovered some amazing wildflowers – including some Gerbera! I have not seen Gerbera growing wild before but the mix of yellow, orange and blue flowers was absolutely stunning.



The walk was pretty quiet save from some rude cyclists who didn’t thank us when we stepped off the path and in to some nettles so they could get by. I always look across the river at this big hill and cluster of trees and wonder what it’s like inside those woods – how someone would even get there – if anyone ever really has. I’m not quite sure why but I find it so intriguing.


Of course there was yet more blossom along the river pathway – blossom is everywhere at the minute which I love.


And yet more bluebells on the woodland that borders the path!



I even spotted some graffiti on the flyover bridge that cuts through the pathway. Not very Spring-related but the giant Clipper amused me and reminded me of my Dad a bit.


I have definitely enjoyed the excuse to go for more walks and, although I’d like to go further afield than just my neighbourhood, it has been a good way to appreciate what I have on my doorstep, as well as experiment with my photography.

Hopefully there will be some more Spring pictures to brighten my blog up soon!

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