Much to my absolute delight and relief (my bath bomb stash was seriously dwindling!) Lush recently re-opened its online doors. With the re-opening came a huge wave of newness – all in the form of fantastic bubble bars! Bubble bars are some of my favourite products from Lush so as you can imagine, I was very excited to see all of the new designs.

Obviously I couldn’t grab one of everything (but will definitely be going back for more next payday) so instead opted for a good selection of things I thought I might enjoy. As always I picked on design rather than scent – because if I pick solely on scent I would be browsing the ingredients list for far too long and decision making would become a chore! I’m extremely happy with everything I managed to snag so thought I’d share my little haul with you today!

Figs in Honey bubble bar, £6.95

Figs in Honey is a decadent bubble bar that combines both spicy and sweet scents for a unique twist. Waxy to the touch, it contains benzoin resinoid, myrr resinoid, Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and Fair Trade shea butter making it ultra-moisturising and perfect for silky-smooth skin.  It’s also a pretty sizeable bar meaning you’ll get more than one bath out of it and the purple and gold fig design make it seriously instagram-worthy.



 Mermaid Tail bubble bar, £5.95

A cute mermaid tail, sprinkles of glitter and gorgeous purple and baby blue swirls – this bubble bar could not be any more aesthetically pleasing if it tried! Of course the major appeal of this bubble bar for me was how it looks – but I was also pleasantly surprised by the scent. Containing lemon myrtle oil, grapefruit oil, ylang ylang oil and Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, Mermaid Tail has a sweet, citrussy – scent that’s uncomplicated yet fresh and fruity. It leaves the bath water a gorgeous purple shade too making it perfect for those #BathArt snaps.


Ladybird bubble bar, £5.95

Ladybird was a bubble bar I loved back in the day – and since it flew off the shelves some years back I have sorely missed it. So unsuprisingly, I was extremely happy to see it return! To my nose it smells much fruitier/sweeter than I can recall. I’m unsure if they’ve changed the ingredients but I distinctly remember it having a stronger peppermint scent. I’m not complaining though because this version of the Ladybird bubble bar is so much better than I remembered! It contains peppermint oil, geranium oil and perfume and lives your bath water a brilliant red. It’s quite a chunky bubble bar too so can easily be used for two baths.



Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble bubble bar, £4.95

Combining the power of glow-in-the-dark and a citrussy sweet scent, Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble is one of my favourites from the recent release. To my nose BBTAT smells like Calacas – but a touch sweeter perhaps – an addictive lime scent. It contains neroli oil, lime oil and Fair Trade organic cocoa oil for a moisturising finish. Besides its amazing scent, the major appeal of this bubble bar is that it glows in the dark and creates glow in the dark water! Just charge it in light before use.


Gold Finger bubble stick, £3.95

Gold Finger bubble stick is hilarious to look at and is proof that LUSH do novelty very well – a large, gold, glitter-dusted finger – what’s not to love and laugh at? Even if I wasn’t a fan of the scent, I know I’d have had to of nabbed a Gold Finger for the novelty alone. That said, this bubble bar features one of my all time favourite scents – Honey I Washed The Kids! It contains Brazilian orange oil and bergamot oil – which make it sound citrussy, but it couldn’t be further from that. HIWK is the most beautiful caramel/honey/pudding – type of scent. Super sweet and moreish. Gold Finger is also at the lower price point and again, can be used for multiple baths making it an ideal option if you’re on a budget.



ABRACADABRA bubble stick, £3.95

Featuring a Magician’s wand design complete with glittery star embellishment, ABRACADABRA bubble stick combines fun design with a fruity scent. It contains bergamot oil and olibanum oil for a scent that reminds me of blackberries and fresh laundry simultaneously. I’m not quite sure how that works but trust me on this one, it’s really nice! The bubble stick is quite small yet really compressed (and hard as opposed to crumbly) meaning you can get quite a few baths out of it. I snapped mine in half and one half lasted two baths (but I think you could potentially stretch to three if you just wanted a bit of colour and light bubble). Being on the lower end of the price spectrum at the just under £4 mark, this bubble stick is incredible value for money. It also leaves your water a lovely purple colour!


Suga Rush reusable bubble bar, £8.50

And last but not least, Suga Rush! The price point on this bubble bar is pretty high, but I feel it reflects the size, scent and quality of ingredients fairly well. Suga Rush is a resuable bubble bar so you’ll get plenty of baths out of it- according to the website around 6-8 which makes it great value for money. It’s shaped like a cola bottle (which is super fun, let’s be honest!) and has the most amazing sugary sweet yet spicy scent – it reminds me of Autumn (think Cinders but perhaps a little spicier – well to my nose at least!) It contains cinnamon leaf oil – which I believe is the predominant scent, lime oil, neroli oil and olibanum resinoid and leaves your waters a brilliant shade of indigo.


So that’s everything I picked up from the recent bubble bar release! I’m super happy with everything I have tried and can’t wait to pick up a few new pieces as the weeks go by. Have you tried anything from this drop yet? Let me know in the comments below!


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