One of the things I’ve been really missing throughout lockdown (y’know, besides my friends and my freedom) is bubble tea. For weeks now I’ve found myself checking Uber Eats in desperation, wondering if my favourite bubble tea place would appear. Spoiler alert: it didn’t!

So when a friend linked me to BOBO Tea and their DIY box I jumped at the chance to get my bubble tea fix on! The box was a very reasonable £19.99 with a further £2.99 for shipping. If you’d like to get one you can do so here!

This is not a sponsored post! I’m just sharing the love.

So the box promises to make six drinks. I actually think I could have made more with it as I had plenty of Jasmine tea and syrup left-over at the end. I guess it depends on how much you use/the strength of flavour you’re after. Either way, for £19.99 I think that’s pretty good value for money.

Packaging wise the kit arrived in a brown box with a further very aesthetically-pleasing, mint green box inside. (Ideal for those Instagram snaps).


Opening the box you’re met with a sweet little message: “hey cutea, you can’t buy happiness but you can buy bubble tea” – my sentiments exactly! Everything was packaged very securely inside which is handy when it’s so liquid-based and fragile!


Inside the box was:

Six straws, two syrups which you can select at checkout, juice bubbles and jelly (which you cannot choose), Jasmine tea leaves and step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process.







The box doesn’t come with any cups – and this is to keep the cost down. I do think it would be neat if BOBO Tea would add the option of purchasing a separate reusable cup. Maybe this is something they will consider in the future.

The process of making the bubble tea was surprisingly simple. One note I will add is that I found my tea tasted much nicer when brewed for six minutes rather than the eight suggested!


Overall the tea was delicious and it satisfied my cravings! I will definitely be purchasing another box before lockdown is over.

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