Every now and then Lush will mess with my mind and release one of its products in super-size proportions. We’ve had the giant rose bombshell, the sizeable Mother Earth bath bomb and lavender giant bombshell to name but a few.

When these products drop, I almost always want them because I’m a complete sucker for novelty – anything over-sized or miniature and I must have it. Things have been a little quiet on the novelty up-scaling side of things as of late though. Until what I would consider to be my holy grail of giant Lush products was released – the Big Comforter bar! 

I must admit I did make a small effort to avoid buying the bubble bar. I wondered if it could really be as big as promised and if so wouldn’t it break in the post? I manged to stave off the ‘but I want it!’ thoughts for all of about a week, at which point I caved in and added to cart.


The Comforter bar is one of my favourites from the mainline and has been for years. It has a really strong, fruity scent – like blackberries – and it turns the water a gorgeous purple shade with plenty of soft bubbles. The Big Comforter is an exact replica of it’s smaller counterpart – just made giant.



Priced at £20 it’s not by any means cheap, however others have weighed it and confirmed that in terms of weight (and in consideration that a regular bar is worth £5.95) it is more than value for money. The idea is to take off chunks and use them as and when needed – not use the whole bar at once!

The bar is really quite large, and feels substantially heavy to hold – which tells me I’ll get quite a few baths out of it whenever I can bring myself to crumble it up! (Which won’t be any time soon, because I honestly love it so much!).


If you’re on the fence about getting it I’d say go for it! Fans of the Comforter and fruity scents will love this bubble bar.



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