Like most other hardcore-Lush fans, since the dissolving of the kitchen, I have sorely missed my fix of exclusives, surprises and fan-favourite drops. Plus I’ve had a lot more money to spend because it hasn’t all gone on bath products.  

When Lush announced it would be releasing a brand new subscription box through the kitchen – I was shocked yet completely over the moon. As someone who loves a good subscription box and Lush – the merging of two was like a dream come true. Naturally moments after the site was opened for subs I had hopped on there and filled out my details without a second thought. Today I thought I’d share my first box with you, what I got and a little bit about how it all works!

The technical side of things

Taken directly from the website, because it’s so succinctly put:

“Subscribe to Lush Kitchen for £35/month + shipping, and every month you’ll get a box of 4-5 exclusive products. The contents of every box are based on subscriber votes from a changing monthly menu, plus one or two surprise goodies chosen by us.”

In terms of voting, this opens every month – you are given a selection of products to choose from and you vote for what you want. The process is simple enough but it does rely on you liking something on the list – which, to be fair, you might not – and you don’t have any say on what makes the menu. I feel like in the past, the weekly Kitchen menu was swayed a bit by all the comments that were received on IG – though perhaps that was a chaotic way of gathering insight in to what the community actually wanted.

Key dates for the box are broken down in the FAQs but I’ll pop them here also:

“It breaks down like this: 10th of the month – the last day to vote for and subscribe to that month’s box. 11th of the month – payment taken for that month’s box, and we get cooking your fresh handmade favourites. Last day of the month: we start dispatching that month’s box!”

I got my box on Monday 1st June – which actually makes it feel a lot more like a June box than a May one but I guess as I paid for it and voted for it in May we can go with that. (Though secretly I do still find it a little bit weird that it isn’t a June box).

What’s in the box?

This month we received five products in the box making it excellent value for money. A good selection of shower gels, a fun product, shower jelly and bath bomb – lots of great products to try!


Abombinaball Shower Jelly

The first product in the box I want to talk about is Abombinaball shower jelly. This was one of two surprise products included in the box as it was not on the menu. Prior to the subscription box it was a product I had not tried. Now I’m wondering why! Shaped like a cute Yeti/Abominable Snowman, this shower jelly contains fresh mint infusion, fresh orange peel infusion, peppermint oil and vanilla absolute (among others). The best way I can describe the scent is to say it smells exactly like a mint humbug – very sugary sweet and minty with caramel undertones – it is amazing! The scent is also really strong – when I opened the box it was almost overpowering. I do really love strong scents though and hope that when I use this in the shower the scent will linger on my skin. I’m honestly not usually a fan of minty products at all, but the sweetness of this one makes it so moreish that I can’t help but love it.




29 High Street Fun

29 High Street is a scent I know and love, having previously visited the actual 29 High Street store in Poole many a time to snatch up bottles of perfume. I have never tried it in the fun format however! Fun isn’t a product I buy particularly often as it does err a little too on the novelty side of things for me and I often find that towards the end I’m left with a sticky mess that’s stuck to the packaging. That said whenever I have purchased it I have always enjoyed it – it’s basically like playdoh that creates bubbles and it’s handy for creating bath cocktails. This was another surprise product on the list and actually, I’m really glad it was included! The 29 HS scent is very strong on this product – if you’ve never smelt it before it’s basically what is considered the ‘Lush scent’. That mix of products and perfumes you get a whiff off when you walk past a store. It contains Jasmine absolute, Sicilian lemon oil, lime oil, sandalwood oil, tonka etc etc.


Moon on a Stick bath bomb 

Yet another new-to-me product included in the box was Moon on a Stick which, as the name suggests, is a moon on a stick. I personally had not smelt this product before I saw it on the menu, but voted for it purely on the design which looks really visually appealing. Moon on a Stick is very obviously a fan favourite and I think for good reason. To my nose it has quite a soft, powdery scent – a little like soap. Perhaps it’s just me but it reminds me of clean laundry – and it’s very fresh.  It contains neroli oil, Jasmine absolute, ylang ylang oil…I think I get the ‘laundry’ vibes from the all floral that’s included. It’s by no means my favourite type of scent (as I like fruity and sweet) but it is pleasant and I’m really excited to try it in the bath!


Sonic Death Monkey shower gel 100g

The first of two shower gels included in the box is Sonic Death Monkey in a 100g bottle. I have never tried SDM before but based on the description of it, thought it sounded really nice. The bottle describes it as a ‘coffee and cocoa powder embrace’ and I would say that is accurate. The first whiff of the bottle I definitely got the coffee notes – but without the bitterness. The cocoa rounds it up with a sweet finish making the overall scent completely gorgeous. It contains coffee, cocoa powder and hibiscus flower infusion, sweet wild orange oil, tangerine oil and vanilla absolute. I wish this shower gel came in the larger format as it’s definitely my favourite out of the two and I know I will get a lot of use out of it!


Supertramp shower gel 250g

The second shower gel in the box (and the last product I have to talk about!) is Supertramp. Again, this is another new-to-me product (the box left me feeling like a complete newbie to Lush!) This is my least favourite product in the box and I wish I could swap the size with SDM which I love. It has an earthy, herbal type of scent to it which I’m not keen on and contains white horehound and peppermint leaf infusion, lemon balm, rose petal and lavender flower infusion, sandalwood oil and a whole host of other ingredients that are much too long to list. Supertramp is a fan favourite but I think it divides most Lushies. That said, I’m definitely going to try it and see if I prefer it in the shower/bath as I know that scents can be quite different when in the bottle compared to when they’re applied to warm skin. I’m also happy it was included because it gives me the chance to try something new and branch out with scent families which is always a positive!


My verdict

I loved almost everything in this months box and was really pleased to have so many new-to-me products to try.  I also feel it was great value for money and was super-surprised to find two shower gels in the box – something which I wouldn’t have expected for the price point. I also loved the presentation of the box which gave me early 90s-vibes. I’m not sure if it will look the same next month or there will be a different design but I guess that’s something I’ll soon discover! I really enjoyed the process of voting on the contents of the box and also receiving some completely unexpected products. All in all the Lush subscription box is a dream come true for me and I’m so happy that it exists! I cannot wait for future boxes and know this is going to become a monthly highlight for me!

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