As always, time has completely escaped me and I find myself writing a review on the June box in…August! Yikes. In my defence they do arrive on the last day of the month so technically that only makes me a little over a month late to the party – but better late than never eh?!  So here’s what was included in the second instalment of the Lush subscription box!


First off, let me start by saying – this box was incredible! Top marks from me Lush.

29 High Street Shower Gel

When 29 HS popped up in the voting panel, I was hoping my fellow Lushies would have the good sense to swipe it in. I have a coveted bottle of this stuff stashed away in the Lush drawer but unfortunately it’s nearing its end and this stuff is pretty hard to come by. Naturally I was delighted to see it make an appearance and I can now lessen my grip on the remaining dregs of that last bottle. For those who are not familiar with the product, this shower gel boasts the classic ‘Lush scent’ – it encapsulates what it’s like to walk in to a Lush store and be hit by a wall of perfume. It’s beautiful, basically.


Grass Shower Gel

I always like to try a ‘new to me’ product so I was pleased to see Grass emerge from the packing peanuts. The scent is, as you might guess, herbal. It really does just smell like freshly cut grass to my nose. I’m not particularly keen on earthy scents, so Grass isn’t a favourite, but I’m sure it will be refreshing to use in the shower on a hot, sweaty day. This is a 100g bottle so I shouldn’t have any problems getting through it.


Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion

I’m a big fan of body lotions in general so was pleasantly surprised to see Vanilla Dee-Lite in the June box  – at 100g it’s also a generous size, considering the two shower gels that were also included! This is another new to me product and I can say I’m a fan of it. The consistency is thin – which is what I prefer in a lotion as it is absorbed in to the skin easily without leaving you feeling greasy. The scent is a dee-lite-ful (sorry) vanilla – quite light and not at all overpowering.


Beauty Sleep Face and Body Mask

Junes surprise product was Beauty Sleep – a gorgeous face and body mask. This is a new product for Lush so I was keen to try it – and I’ve already almost used it all up! It’s got a subtle and sweet lavender scent, not too dissimilar to the Twilight/Sleepy products and is a pretty lilac shade. Having now used this product a fair bit I can say it is one of my favourite things I have received in a Lush sub box so far. It’s really good at calming the skin and the mind and I’m here for a product I can use on both my face and body. I will be buying more of these!



Ma Bar Bubble Bar

It’s been quite awhile since I last had my mitts on a Ma Bar! This little bubble bar smells incredible – a chocolately, vanilla-esque scent that will trick your senses in to thinking it’s edible. Well, technically the little sugar cube is edible, but you probably shouldn’t take a bite. I love bubble bars as they tend to be the best of both worlds – brightly coloured water and bubbles – what more could you want?! Unfortunately you only get one out of two with the Ma Bar as it produces less than appealing brown water. I won’t hold that against my beloved Ma Bar though because I do really enjoying bathing in what feels like a bath full of chocolate.


So that was everything in the June box! In my opinion this box was even better than last and it continues to provide excellent value for money and a good variety of products! Stay tuned for the July box which I’ll probably write about in October!

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  1. That ma bar does really look good enough to eat, but I would settle for a nice bath with it instead!

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