Sometimes I think the key to happiness lies in the moments that we accept ourselves, and others for who and what we are. When we learn to let go of how we think things should be.

Today as I watered my plants and wiped dust down from their leaves I thought about how happy it made me, to fill my space with greenery and have something to care for again. I used to take so much pride and enjoyment out of my birds – as I fed them and gave them baths. Watched them hatch and raise chicks. This was a similar feeling. Now instead of cute bird pictures flooding my IG feed, it’s plants. Now instead of the daily feed, it’s the daily water. Now instead of looking for new varieties to fill my aviary, I peruse websites for my next purchase – or grow my own from cuttings.

Today I realised that I accept a large piece of me has changed. I am no longer the self-proclaimed ‘bird-mama’. I no longer have the aviary or the fancy house. I am no longer on the path I was. I’m learning to find enjoyment, love and fulfilment in other places, in other things. In other people. Life is okay. Change is okay. Acceptance is good.

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