Super Simple Halloween Eyeball Cherry Pie Recipe

One thing I love about Blogtober is its ability to push your creative boundaries. For those who don’t blog every day it can be a real challenge to come up with fresh new content. For me personally, daily blogging can be stressful and when Blogtober rolls around I can often be found stressing and seemingly all out of ideas. That’s where a little bit of creativity comes in. Past Blogtobers have seen me tackle craft projects , get outside with my camera to take photos and even bake a thing or two!

This year has obviously been no exception but I did notice a distinct lack of baking! For today’s Blogtober I thought it might be fun to share a Halloween-themed bake – so simple and quick to make that anyone can give it a go with success! So without further ado, here’s my eyeball cherry pie (with fingers).


Decorating the Garden for Halloween

I love Halloween – next to Christmas it’s my most favourite time of the year. I enjoy all of the spooky events, the dressing up, all of the themed snacks and seeing porches lit up by carved pumpkins.

Last year I had a whole house of my own to decorate. I didn’t go mad but I definitely had pumpkins on my doorstep and a whole host of hanging things adorning the living room as well as orange lights in the window. I gave out goodie bags to Trick or Treaters too. But this year things are a little different and I’m back living with my Mum. I was pleasantly surprised one morning to discover (as I was leaving for work) that both my younger brother and Mum had decided to decorate the front garden! So for today’s Blogtober I thought I’d share how they chose to decorate. Considering this was done on a fairly low budget I’m impressed! Carved pumpkins will follow shortly…


My Perfect Cosy Autumn Night In

Autumn evenings are ideal for relaxing, getting snug under soft blankets and living your best Hygge life. For today’s Blogtober I thought I’d share my perfect cosy night in – perhaps this will inspire you after a long and tiring day at work!


The Autumn Tag 2019

One of my favourite things about Blogtober (besides challenging myself to create content and generally taking lots of lovely Autumnal-themed photographs) is reading all of the fun posts that pop up in my reader.  One blogger who I have been following for sometime now (and whose posts I always enjoy reading) is Hollie over at Beauty and the Bookshelves. Hollie is also taking part in Blogtober and recently posted a fun Autumn Tag (which you can read here!)

For today’s Blogtober I thought I’d take part in the tag too. Make sure to check out Hollie’s post and please feel free to give it a go yourself if you’re taking part in Blogtober and fancy writing something fun and lighthearted!


Autumn Recap / Photo Diary

It’s Sunday morning; my hair is a fiery knotted mess, sticking up in all directions, I have a turmeric clay face mask on and a cursory glance out of the window reveals a delicate fog. It’s colder now. I feel it in the morning chill. It got me thinking – we’re deep in to Autumn now, almost half-way through.

For today’s Blogtober I thought I’d look back over the past few weeks and recap on my Autumn. Please forgive any low res images – some have been taken on my phone!


Five Face Masks For Autumn

On cold Autumn evenings there’s nothing nicer than a pamper session with face masks – and let’s be honest, it’s needed with the sudden change in weather wreaking havoc on the skin.

For today’s Blogtober I thought I would share five of my favourite face masks this Autumn. All of these are from Superdrug and will set you back a very reasonable 99p or you can grab them on a 3 for 2 offer.


Spooky Snacks for Halloween Parties

Whether you’re hosting a spooky soirée, Halloween party for the kids or a horror film night with friends snacks are essential. One of my favourite things about the Halloween season is all of the novelty snacks floating around; for today’s Blogtober I thought I’d share some (to suit a range of budgets) with you to inspire your next night in.


A Few Beautiful Pieces From My Vintage Collection

Throughout Blogtober I have been sharing snippets of my collections; from my Favourite Pieces In My Brooch Collection to What’s In My Record Collection?

I really do get a lot of enjoyment out of collecting stuff and things. Maybe I have a slight penchant for hoarding but in all honesty I love the hunt and thrill of finding a new piece. In recent years I really started to get in to collecting vintage and though this isn’t one of my more extensive collections, it’s one of the more interesting. For today’s Blogtober I thought I’d share with you a few bits and bobs that I really love.


Lush Party Exclusives Mini Haul

Back in the Summer Lush released some brand-new party exclusive products; these were available for a limited time online for a tester period before being made store exclusive and only available if you booked a party.

Seeing how cute the designs were I was keen to try the products ASAP and put in a little online order with the intention of blogging about them. However, me being me I let time pass me by and completely forgot. For today’s Blogtober I thought I’d finally share a little haul and review with you – if you would like to try these products for yourself you can buy them exclusively when you book a party with Lush!


Autumn in Images – Photography Post

There’s nothing I love more than getting outside with my camera in Autumn; I am endlessly inspired by the beautiful colours and all of the wonderful flora and fauna these months bring.

For today’s Blogtober post I thought I would share with you some of my favourite photographs I have taken during Autumns past and present. Some of these images you may recognise from previous posts, others I have not shared on my blog. I like all of these images because for me they encapsulate what Autumn is about and bring about happy memories/feelings within me. I do not consider myself to be a photographer though, so please no judgement on the technical aspects or compositions of the following shots!


Don’t Worry

I wrap a cosy blanket around my shoulders – an act of comfort, glance at the rain sliding down the window pane. It falls steadily, unrelenting – deep puddles forming on the street below. Just another Autumn day.


Favourite Pieces In My Brooch Collection

I love jewellery; whether it’s junk or jewels and gold I think it’s a great way of accessorising and showcasing your personality. My collection mostly consists of acrylic pieces from indie designers as I like to support small business and really enjoy the unique designs.

Today I thought it would fun to share some of my favourite pieces from my brooch collection. This post is just a small peek at my collection and is in no way sponsored or endorsed by the businesses mentioned! (But do go and check them out and mention my little blog if you find anything that takes your fancy – it’s nice to be nice!)


Top Three Indie and Arthouse Films To Watch This Autumn

Autumn is a great time to catch up on film; when the nights are drawing in and the rain is splattering against your windows there’s none of that FOMO that Summer brings about. Suddenly everyone is living their best Hygge-inspired lives firmly shut indoors with their pumpkin-spiced candles and knitted blankets. Binge-watching films on a Sunday becomes a ‘movie marathon day’ and not a sign of depression – just one of the many reasons the cold and cosy months are my favourite.

It being October it only feels appropriate that I share of list of horror films. Unfortunately I’m not a fan in the slightest so I’ll have to forgo that idea and share something a little different with you instead. Here’s my top three list of my favourite indie and arthouse films that I feel are well worth a watch this Autumn.