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What I Got For Christmas 2017

If you have been following my blog over the festive season, you may have seen my What My Fiancé Got Me For Christmas 2017 post. Today I thought I would write another ‘What I Got For Christmas’ post but include all the wonderful things my family gifted to me- I was truly spoilt this year and feel incredibly lucky!


Visiting The Birmingham Christmas Markets

This time last year we were in Nuremberg, bitterly cold but with our hands wrapped around steaming mugs of Gluhwein. We were spending a few days in the city, exploring the traditional Christmas market, soaking up the festive atmosphere, shopping and eating delicious foods – it was wonderful.

I wish we could have gone back this year but sadly due to work and funds (buying a house will do that to you!), it just wasn’t possible. We love a good Christmas market though and decided that if we couldn’t experience a German Christmas market in Germany, we would experience one in England instead. We went for the next best thing; Birmingham’s Frankfurt market.