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New Publishing Schedule & Blog Updates For Pretty Little Finch

My blog has been going for a little over a year now and, whilst I think I’m pretty good at updating it monthly (I haven’t missed a month yet!) I’m starting to feel that it needs to have a more structured publishing schedule. That said I’m going to aim to update it twice weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays, starting from next week. I have a blogger event this weekend so I’ll try to get that written up and on the blog by Wednesday.

In the meantime if there’s anything you’d like to read or see here at Pretty Little Finch please let me know and I will try to cover it! Suggestions are really welcome as all the additional blogging is going to require more material!

An update

Life has been pretty hectic lately and it feels as if I’ve not stopped. But it’s a good kind of hectic, the kind where you feel you’re making progress.

My job as a copywriter takes up most of my waking hours but in my precious spare moments I’ve been cramming a lot in. When I’m not writing/blogging, adventuring or adding to my ever-growing feather family (yes we did finally get those quails) I have been working on a creative side project.

It has been a dream of mine to create and open an Etsy shop for a long time. Previous posts will show you I’m the crafty type and and fully support handmade. So the ideas I’ve now ‘realised’ have been on the back burner for quite some time, they haven’t just popped up over night.

Recently I’ve been playing around with a lot of creative mediums and trying to discover what it is I really want to create. After a lot of playing around I decided to combine my two greatest loves: birds and jewellery.

The process of creating my pieces was understandably time-consuming and much of it was a learning curve as cliche’d as that probably sounds. But now I’ve created some pieces that I’m really proud of (and this is a big thing for me, because I’m not ever proud of myself!) My Etsy shop is set to open next week, Saturday 13th February. More details of this can be found over at the Pretty Little Finch Instagram.

The whole idea around my shop and my pieces is centred around birds that you might find in a back garden in Britain. Here’s the spiel:

Pretty Little Finch is a collection of hand-painted, digitally edited and laser cut wooden jewellery inspired by the beautiful and varied birds that visit British back gardens.

Carefully selected for their beautiful colours and patterns, the collection focuses on birds that can be caught at a tantalising glimpse in gardens across the country. This natural beauty found in the most ordinary of spaces is translated in to highly wearable pieces that will lend a touch of charm to any outfit.

Each piece is lovingly hand-painted in our studio before being adjusted digitally and prepared for the laser cutting process. Pendants are crafted from plywood and glossed for protection.

And here are some shots of the finished pieces





I’m hoping that this venture will be successful because I’d love to continue creating more pieces. I have a lot of ideas and designs in the pipeline…it would be fantastic to realise them. For now though, I’m just having a lot of fun with it!


Christmas craft project

The festive season is almost over and Christmas is feeling a little like a distant and hazy cheese-filled memory, but I’d like to take the time to share a Christmas craft project I completed.

This year I knew I wanted to give my friends and family something thoughtful and handmade. I decided scarves were the way to go and I took up knitting lessons, learned how to knit and started a load of different projects – there was my mum’s moss stitch scarf and my dads’ cable knit one… then, as it often has a funny way of doing, life got in the way and I found myself with a pile of half-finished knits and no motivation.

As it turns out, scarves were definitely not the way to go. So my Christmas craft project had to be something that was relatively cheap, simple enough to achieve and not all that time consuming. I decided I would make a Christmas card.

Firstly I dug out my watercolours and painted a robin as they are my favourite festive birds. I was quite happy with the finished result which I think portrays my style.


Then I scanned it in to my computer and made some tweaks / adjustments in Photoshop.

My next port of call was the craft shops. I hit these to find some cards to print on. I found some from Polaroid which looked promising and only cost a quid (bargain!)


I thought the printing would be a relatively easy process but it definitely was not. It turns out I’m not very good at creating cards on my laptop. My boyfriend helped me and we finally achieved something which I felt was presentable (although not quite as polished as I’d have liked.)


One of the downfalls to the Polaroid card paper is that is was very thin. It did stand independently without too much wobble but the the card itself looked inexpensive (most probably because it was.) You can’t grumble when you’ve paid a pound but I’ll still try.


My Christmas card stack included Sophie Jackson who was a very brave little girl. She received 10,000 Christmas cards – I hope these showed her that she was special and in everyones thoughts.

Overall I was fairly happy with the finished product and friends and family commented how nice the cards were which was pleasant. However – I managed to sneak a peek at some after their delivery and noticed they had developed smudges that made them look less than professional. Actually this was quite upsetting to see because I think it took away from the overall aesthetic. The smudging could be because the cards got wet in the post. It could be because they cost a pound. All I can really do is speculate –  I’m not sure what happened there but either way the Polaroid card stock is not something I would use for future projects or recommend to others. (Although I’m sure they do have some better products than this.)

I’d like to try this project again next year with better card that is thicker, glossier and doesn’t smudge.

For now I hope the cards achieved (in some small way) what they set out to; show those I love that I am thinking of them.


Did you get crafty this Christmas?